Monday, 4 January 2010

Manly Monday: A Little Kindness...

Yuu-Chan: I normally post after my big brother Tom on Mondays, but this week, #1 said I could go first and tell you about yesterday.

Uncle U came to see us with ViVi, as he does most Sundays, and this time, he brought a little surprise with him! Someone brought him a little kitten who is looking for a Forever Home and he decided to bring him over to show us all and see if #1 could find someone to adopt him. He is about two months old and we decided yesterday to name him El Tigre! He is very friendly and cute as a button, and we are pretty sure that he has some Aby blood in him...

Anyway, the little guy was originally placed in a show cage in the living room but he screamed so loud that we eventually let him out. He is pretty fearless and immediately decided that I was his big brother. Remember that I am called Yuu-Chan, which means gentle and sweet boy, and that is exactly what I was. I spent the afternoon hanging with El Tigre. Mentoring is a very manly activity, you know!

Please cross your paws that we find a good Forever Home for him very soon!

Tom: I have been having a fun few days as the endless rain we had between Christmas and the New Year stopped. It is now colder and sunny! ViVi and I have been having fun galloping around the field!

This next photo is a little blurry but I think it has real style, so I asked #1 to use it anyway:

And finally, here is a very manly "wet ears" photo from the time when it was still raining!


  1. Great pictures!
    We are absolutely certain that El Tigre has Aby blood! Her looks very handsome. He'll be gorgeous once his furs acquire that typical Aby gloss. we hope #1 can help and find him a purrfect home. All paws crossed for the little one.

  2. Hahahaha! You're right, mom did it again: the correct word is decade. Sheeeesh.

  3. That little chap is mighty cute. I think you will mentor him well.

    Tommy! Exciting action shots with your frisbee! And of course the wet and wild look is always a hit with the babes.


  4. WOW, those pictures always bring a smile. Yuu-chan, you are so cute with little El Tigre! And it must be very difficult to resist Tommy :-)

  5. Brilliant pictures!

    El Tigre is so cute, we're sure he'll find a forever home soon!

  6. How nice of you to help that little kitten find a home Yuu-Chan. I am sure that he will benefit from your manly example.

    Love the leaping frisbee catch Tom. You are so good at that. Enjoy the drier weather.

    Your friends,

  7. El Tigre is adorable. Good luck with finding him a good home.

    Tom, it is so apparent how much fun you are having ourside with your frisbee. Lovely shots!

  8. Yuu-chan, you are an amazing big brother! Around here, a new kitten would probably get hissed at and yelled at...and there you are, mentoring El Tigre right off the bat. appears to me that perhaps he has found his forever home already?? And yes, he definitely has some Aby blood. And Tommy, you look great chasing your Frisbee...excellent and fun form!

  9. El Tigre is adorable! We will purr that he finds his forever home real soon. Tommy it's ok if you're blurry if you've got style!

  10. Oh El Tigre is adorable and you were very nice to mentor him Yuu-Chan. Mommy wishes we would be as nice to Artemisia. She is still hanging out by herself.

    Tommy what a leap after that frisbe. A+ for style. ~A,F,S,S

  11. El Tigre does look like he has some Aby in him! You are nice to look after him; I hope he will find a Forever home soon!

    Tommy, your wet ears are cute!

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  13. Oh, how I wish I lived closer because that little one would be on my lap right NOW! Who in the world could resist that darling face☺

  14. El Tigre is just adorable! We hope he finds a loving forever home soon.

    And we LOVE Tommy's acshun shot!

  15. We are very proud of El Tigre success....but he is really cute anyway if even he do not share the glossy of Abys!
    I love to play with Tommy but we have sometimes different focus...


  16. El Tigre is gorgeous, we are sure he will find a good forever home. It was very Manly of you to hang out with him all day.

    Tom, you look like you are having a pawsome time in the field with your friend. Love the wet ear photo!


  17. I think you will be an excellent mentor! He is quite cute (but not so lovely as you)

  18. We think you are an excellent mentor.....Actually it looks like El Tigre fits into your pak very nicely. Love the manly looking frisbee shot!!!!
    Ernie, Sasha, & now Chica

  19. El tigre is furry khute!

    Great name too! Furry appropriate!

    He does seem to have khwite a khool resemblance to woo Aby Khats!



    PeeEssWoo: I LOVE the wet ears!

  20. oh my gosh, if I were in France, I would be coming by to take El Tigre home with me! So cute. I'm sure 9 and Chani would have been glad to have a new buddy.

    Tommy, very lovely action shots!


  21. El Tigre is absolutely adorable. There must be some aby blood there. Yuu-Chan, it was very kind of you to be so sweet with him - the perfect mentor. El Tigre will surely find a good home (our Woman says she'd adopt him in a heartbeat).

    Lovely action shots of you, Tom. And you look manly (and cute) with wet ears.

  22. Oh, that one is a heart melter! I sure hope he find's a loving home.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  23. El Tigre definitely looks to have some aby in there! He will find a home in no time :)

  24. El Tigre is just the cutest! The NSLM's sister was nearly booking a flight so she could adopt him!

    Wonderful photos of you Tommy as well!

    take care

  25. Cats and Frisbee. What more could a dog ask for. :)

  26. You have obviously been taking some tips from my mentoring lessons, Yuu!

  27. Ok, seriously, if you were nearby we would totally take El Tigre because he is a beautiful little guy! We hope that he finds a great forever home there soon! And Yuu-Chan you look so big next to him - what a good boy you were to be so nice to him!

    Tommy, you look great as always - it looks like you had a LOT of fun!!

  28. My goodness, you have the purrfect household!! Full of sweet & charming kitties ... Big, little & all loved.

    That little orphan is just adorable!! Leave it to male bonding. Fabulous.

    Happiest of New Years to all,
    Your devoted,
    Daisy Jiji & all the Whippy Curly Tails

  29. Great pictures! I'm sure someone will take the kitten real soon.

  30. The name fits El Tigre well! We hope he can find a forever home soon! What a cutie!

  31. Love the pictures, and El Tigre is adorable! We are purraying he finds a forever home soon.

  32. El Tigre is a stunning little creature. It was very sweet of you to look after him, Yuu-Chan. For a second we thought "wow, the babies have grown quickly!" when we first saw him! Hahaha!:) Good luck finding a home for him.

    Tommy, your frisbee extension is fabulous!:)

  33. What a cute kitty - we hope El Tigre finds a good home. And oh Tommy, we love how you can fly - great photos of your fun with Vivi.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  34. We hope El Tigre finds a home soon! And Tommy, so handsome again in your pics today!


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