Friday, 15 January 2010

Fun Friday! With Frootbats of Course!

Tom: I would like to start today's post by telling you about something quite marvellous that happened yesterday. We had out first postal delivery in over a week and in the pile was a package postmarked EIRE. That, of course, is Ireland, home of Clive and the NSLM, and the package was indeed from them! It was full of great stuff, including a lovely card, a wonderful Irish Guide Dogs calendar (which is already hanging in the kittens' room, where #1 spends so much time), some very interesting literare that #1 has already read from cover to cover...

... and can you see what is at the bottom of the picture? Right in the centre? Just for ME?

Yes, it's a Guide Dogs FRISBEE! Clive, NSLM Murray and the whole family, YOU ARE TRUE FRIENDS!!!


OK, now for the other stuff, so it's time for some FROOTBATS! We have both big ones...



"Look Deep into my Eyes" Yuu-Chan

... and little ones:

Eifuku (Fuku-Chan)

Ehime (Hime-Chan)

Echigo (GoGo-Chan)

Ebisu (Bibi-Chan)

Of course, I could not possibly leave you without a Flying Ears shot too! It's from when all the snow was still with us:


  1. All the frootbattiness has us quite overwhelmed! So much of it! We are happy to hear that Yuu is feeling better. Tommy, we continue to be well impressed at your ability to run barefoot in the snow!

  2. Tommy is going to have so much fun with his guide dog frisbee! Wonderful frootbat pictures of all the cats and kittens - I especially like the backlit ones.

  3. Wow a new frisbee for Tommy.

    Wonderful footbat shots!

  4. Frootbats big and small

    we love them all!!

    I is Jake!

  5. Hey there Tom!
    I love your kittie's batty-ears! Very sweet.
    Yes...that Clive and Murray are super generous. We both got our packages to day!...Isn't that cool!

  6. Oh I am in love with your kits. It is good that the Woman does not live closer--she might have to adopt one. They are so CUTE I am not sure I would mind.

  7. How khool!

    What a pawesome parcel!

    'Clive' and NSLM are great pals!

    What nice frooty&flying ears today!

    Happy Friday!

    PeeEssWoo: Have fun Tommy!

  8. Lovely presents and Frootbats. Flying ears too :)

    I keep wanting to call Gogo-chan, Ichigo! He's so cute :)

    hugs and snuggles,

  9. Wow, those little ones have really caught on quite quickly to the special day for ears:) And Tommy's pic is delightful. Wasn't that so nice of Clive and the NSLM to do.

    Woos and happy weekend, Phantom and Thunder

  10. What lovely frootbatty kittens you have TC...

  11. Tom
    I think youw family has the bestest fwootbat eaws in the wowld!!!
    I can't evew get enuff of seeing them!! The little ones awe pawfect just like theiw Mom!
    and youw flying eaws awe legendawy!

    That is a most considewate and wondewful pawcel you weceived..Clive and his NSLM awe the best
    smoochie kisses

  12. Tommy

    We are so glad your parcel arrived! We know you love frisbees so much and the NSLM was very excited looking at you playing with your new frisbee! He loves that we have friends around the world through blogging and gets so excited when he sees a mention of himself and Clive on another blog!

    It was a lovely coincidence that Max's parcel arrived today as well in SA so Murray's had a great evening reading Max's blog and your blog and telling Clive all about it!

    with best wishes
    Murray's Mom, Murray and Clive

  13. So many great pix! And what a great present you got!


  14. they are all super gorgeous kitties!!!!

  15. Those little ones are extremely froot batty! I guess it is because they have such good role models.

    Of course we love your flying ears the best Tommy. I can see that you really enjoyed all that snow. What great presents from Clive & Co. You can think of them every time you catch the frisbee.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  16. Great photos, Frisbee in the package, woohoo!!

  17. Here's to the Ears! Wonderfully sweet and exuberant shots!

  18. It's fun to get a package in the mail...specially when there's a frisbee in it!!

    Great frootbats today...we love the baby ones!

  19. Yrah for the postperson, they certainly bring neat things to the house.

    Thanks for stopping by and celebrating my first birthday with me. I hope you had a great time.

    Come on back because the party will continue through Saturday I am sure. There is new entertainment that you will need to check out.
    Again thanks.

  20. Wow, what a wonderful package! So awesome.

  21. Mum is squeeing over all the froot bat pictures. Happy weekend.

  22. What a cute array of kat pictures. Thanks Tom and I'm glad you enjoyed your special package. :)

  23. We have an award waiting for you to pick up, over on our blog

  24. Wot fabulous Froot-bats! And wot a pawsome Frisbee!

  25. Hi all - oh isn't Clive and his family just the BEST? You're going to have so much fun with that very special frisbee they sent you - and isn't it cool that Clive is a cover model?! We love the frootbat photos - makes us feel very smiley!! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  26. What a nice package. The new frisbee is very cool.

    We love all the frootbat shots! And of course lovely flying ears photo too.


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