Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday Snuggles

Tama-Chan: Somehow, I seem to have become the Snugge Queen! I confess that since the kits have been around, I have come to appreciate snuggling as I never did before. Everyone who comes into the room gets showered with purrs, headbutts and snuggles. A couple of days ago, a friend of #1's who loves cats came to visit. As he sat on the bed admiring my babies, I sat on his lap and purred and purred!

I must say though that the little ones are getting big so having them all stuck to my tummy is becoming quite a challenge!

The good thing is that, now that they have their eyes open and are a little more mobile, they can actively snuggle and play with one another!

We had our wonderful Aussie friends staying with us for a few days and I am told that Yuu-Chan lost no time in finding new snuggle partners...

Sei-Chan, on the other hand, remains faithful to her Tommy...

Occasionally, you can even see her head!

I will leave you a picture of our neighbours, Bob and Pomme, enjoying the snow:

Have a snuggly Sunday everyone!


  1. My the kittens have gotton big!

    What interesting neighbours you have!

  2. I love the way the fourth kitten has to come over the top!

    You look very Christmassy there on the red blanket.

  3. The kittens are HUGE! At least they are good snugglers.


  4. Hi everyone - oh, the kittens are such cuties and wow, they're really getting big now!

    We've just sat down to have a catch-up as our humans have had a bit of a manic week. We LOVE the photo of Tommy with antlers. Sigh - our humans have just taken a photo of JD like this too - Max simply won't have them on his head!

    We love the snow - we think we must have a bit of husky blood in our veins as we have to be dragged back into the house! We enjoyed all the snuggling photos - wonderfully warming and cosy.

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  5. You are being an excellent mom, Tama-Chan. Your babies are growing by leaps and bounds. I can see why Sei-Chan loves to snuggle with Tommy. He always looks so silky-soft that I am sure that he is most snuggleable.

    Your friend,

  6. Those little kitties are beyone cute as I have said before! they are growing so fast. I think you and I should have a snuggle contest to see which one of us is a winner, would be a close contest as you will see if you visit me today.
    Could you please email me as:

    I am working on the auction today and so far you have the highest bid on several of the items and you might be the winners on these, mom calls this getting work done ahead of time and can make changes if she needs to.

    Also, thought you want to know that the heated kittie bed has been out bidded against you again. You might want to check this out and keep a close eye on it if you really want it. The bidding on all items stops at midnight tonight est.

  7. All those pictures are so adorable.. The kittens are growing so fast.. Just lovely.. HUgs GJ xx

  8. Nothing wrong with being snuggly, Tama-Chan. And wow, those kitties are really growing quickly - you are a very good mama.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  9. Hi there! Secrete Paws was arranged by the wonderful kitty Skittles. It was mentioned on the CB and if you wanted to participate you send in your information to Skittles and her mom and then she secretly matched up kitties to send their Secret Paw a nice little Christmas gift!

    Skittles even set up a blog so everyone could post their giving and receiving!!! It's been fun so maybe you can do it next year?

  10. Bob and Pomme have a fun expression with their ears pointed all towards you. What fun neighbours! We fear that we are repeating ourselves, but we love today's photos. We really do. Oh, and mom wants to know if you already have someone to send the book with the stories for cats to. We would love to have the book read to us! and sniff your sniffy smells on it.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  11. *&^%$%^ the mom, she cannot read thing right at times. What am I to do. You are at the top bid. Keep checking though as I won't be by the computer to let you know how things are going. So far it's you on this one but there is another family that wants it bad.
    Do you know where I could get good help for my secretary? I am seriously looking.
    Those are two wild crazy birdies outside of your window at your place, be careful.

  12. Wow, the babies are big and so sweet! Are you going to keep all the babies?

  13. Those kittens sure are getting big, fast! Enjoy the snuggles and stay warm!

  14. Hello sweet snugglers, I'm happy to lear snuggles from you.
    Love Bob & Pomme, hope they feel safe on the ice.


  15. Your kits are so lovely looking and they do look to be thriving! Enjoy the snuggles!

  16. It is soo cute to see you snuggle on sunday.
    It looks like you became a furry big snuggly family there.
    We like your neighbors too.

    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  17. Your Sunday snuggles always make us smile. Your pictures are gorgeous. The kittens are growing so quickly. They are so beautiful!

  18. Goodness, the kittens are growing so big. We love the photos of them.

    Enjoyed seeing your neighbours too!

    love and woofs

  19. Your babies are just adorable, Tama-Chan!! Enjoy snuggling with them!

  20. So, the milk bar is open 24/7!

    What grrrreat pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  21. we love seeing photos of the kitties. and of course, Tom, is the highlight of our day. maybe he should come live with us! hee hee, just kidding.


  22. We are loving all the snuggle pictures. The kittens are so cute. Mom is raving about their ears and how she wants to pet them a lot!

    9 and Chani

  23. snuggles on sundays are pawesome!!! snuggles any day are pawesome!!!

    Velcro, Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  24. Those kittens are growing so well!! They will be racing around like mad soon!!

    You are so lucky to have some donkeys as pals. The PM loves them and think they are just the sweetest.

  25. Those babies of yours are so adorable!

  26. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time.

    We're amazed how much the kittens have grown :-)


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