Friday, 22 October 2021

V & H Vendredi

 Heloise: Neighs, Everyone. It's been a while! At the moment, I am in a field about 5 minutes drive from my Mama and Sis, with The Big V and Aral. Ms. C doesn't like it when we're not right by the house, but there is a lot of grass still in this field and someone's got to eat it, right?

Last Friday, the farrier came to give us all hooficures and he came over to "do" us right in the field. It was OK because we are just getting trims at the moment, no shoes. And by the way, he told #1 that I have among the best feet he has ever seen!

We were both pretty good for the farrier:

When Vidock was being done, Aral kept a very close watch. She is always terrified that someone will take him away.

Mama Hotesse and Violette were waiting just next to their field:

Violette enjoyed getting cuddles from #1 as she was being done:

Hotesse is the hardest to do as she was seldom done before, and always in stocks. Plus she has arthritis, so it's harder for her to stand on three legs. But she was really good, nonetheless.

She felt a lot better once the long growth had been trimmed away!

So that's us done until mid-December! Next time, it will be next to the house!


  1. Glad that ordeal wasn't such an ordeal afterall! And now you'll all step better too!

  2. I am glad you all had your feet looked after and I bet it feels good too. Good too that Hotesse had her hooves done and realizes the benefits of having them done. Mum noticed that my claws are long so I will have my own foot treatment!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. that was super spa day for you all and we are impressed how patient you are... we are not so good when someone does our hooficure...

  4. You both sure did good and I'm glad you're getting to be closer to the house.

  5. You all were so cooperative for the farrier. It's good to hear Hotesse did well for hers despite her problems.

  6. Glad you all got your hooves nicely trimmed.

  7. You guys are great! Wow! I bet Hotesse will learn to love it!

  8. We're glad you all did good and got a nice hooficure. Purrs

  9. I'm glad you guys all got your hooficures!


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