Wednesday 12 May 2021

Waiting Wednesday


Benny: Meow, Everyone! Da Benny here! I promised on Monday that I would tell you more about what happened to me. So, let me start with the ultra cool scan of my head, to which #1 has added a filter:

Now, to explain this. If you look at the two pictures in the right, you can see a black bit leading down from my left ear, towards my nose. And you can't see black on the others side, right? Well, the black means a normal ear canal and the lack of black means that it was totally blocked!

I hope you guys are not squeamish because, next, I want to show you what they took out:

They are pretty sure it's a polyp, but they have sent it to the lab to make sure. That thing was  completely blocking my ear canal! And now it's gone! Three cheers for the clinic, VetRef, and the top surgeon there, Dr. Haudiquet, who performed the surgery. Well, it wasn't really surgery as they didn't have to cut me open. They just removed the polyp. No stitches. The bad news was that #1 was told to keep me quiet for two weeks! Can you believe that? So I'm back in kitten jail (aka the spare bathroom) where I was when I first arrived. #1 has done her best to make it as comfortable as possible for me. And guess what? She gave me a pool! She put it in the bathtub. She said it was the perfect place.

I even have a rubber toy!

I hang out with my toys. #1 comes to visit me as much as possible.

Here is a better view of my digs. I actually have a view in the outside.

And Ollie came to visit me yesterday! That was cool!

I have to take meds both morning and evening, and #1 has to clean out my ears with saline solution. I am being a really good boy!


  1. we hope the lab has super news for you... and we hope efurrything heals up quickly and you can leave da jail to be with your siblings and your #1 all da time..

  2. I bet it's not easy keeping you quiet, Benny! I bet you will be glad when you are better.

  3. That polyp looks huge for the size of a small ear canal! You must feel so much better without it blocking your hearing and most likely irritating too.I hope the biopsy report comes back with good results. It was nice of Ollie to come and visit you.

  4. That is a pretty nice place to spend in recovery.
    I hope you get good news so you can get out to the rest of the house soon. Purrs the test on the huge polyp will be fine. Bet you can really hear things now!
    Purrs, Julie

  5. That is such a huge thing to be in your little ear. We're glad it's gone now and we bet you can hear a little better now too. Our paws are crossed that the lab results are favorable.

  6. Yikes, That looks like a big ugly morm or maggot:(

    Good thing its GONE!

    Hope the biopsy will be favorable.

    Meanwhile, your 'jail cell' looks quite luxurious, and you even get visitors!

  7. oh mi cod!!! so glad dey gotz dat werm owt obz yor ear

  8. I'm so happy that thing is out of your ear and we hope all is okay now sweet Benny. Keep calm, you can do it!

  9. Wow ! You ARE being a good boy, with all you are having to put up with. Thank goodness you can have visitors. We hope you will be up and around soon! Purrs !

  10. Well now, Benny!
    That thing definitely needed to come out of your noggin.
    And two weeks are almost half over already!

  11. That is one ugly polyp, Benny. We are glad it is OUT and hope it doesn't grow back. Too bad about being in jail, but at least you have a lot of fun toys there.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. OMC! Benny, I can’t believe that thing was in your ear! Glad the removal went well but sorry you have to stay in the bathroom. Though from the looks of it, you have it pretty good in there! ~Ernie

  13. Wow, that is a pretty good size playroom,bathroom! Glad they took the icky thing out of your ear.

  14. WoW! T|hat is a huge bathroom! Ours is big enough, that if you open the door, you can change your mind. And the thing in your ear...icky. We are glad that they got rid of it. I hope you get out of jail soon! Oh yes, Mom says you are getting big!


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