Sunday 23 May 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: And it's already Sunday again. We have our friend, Fernant, with us again this weekend, which is delightful. But today, let's start with the horses. We score three out of four in that category today, the reason being that The Big V would not let #1 anywhere near Heloise, who is now part of his "ladies." He really is a naughty boy! He of course is always happy to snuggle with #1:

#1 likes this pic that Ms. C took of her and Violette:

And a fun one with Hotesse!

Let's return to Poupounette Central, where I have been snuggling with #1:

Here I am, keeping #1 pinned in bed just a little longer:

Ollie was helping too!

And here is Ollie snuggling with PP Benny:

It's really hard to take pics of Benny as he is constantly on the move (Mr. G is coming over today so he'll take some!), but #1 did take this selfie with him:

And we have one final selfie with which to close today's SoS post. #1 took her first selfie with Ollie's daughter, Lily!

Her eyes are now open and she is beginning to move about!


  1. Aww, lovely snuggles this week!

  2. Oh Vidock, you must let Heloise come to #1 for snuggles. I remember you not letting Violette come over a while ago.
    Lily is very cute

  3. Great snuggle shots!! And Violette's eyelashes...
    oooh la la! Ollie's little Lily is precious!

  4. Those are all great snuggle pictures. Lily is such a tiny cutie. We can't wait to see her grow up.

  5. Great snuggle pictures ! Little Lily is so cute ! Purrs

  6. What great snuggles! I’m glad you all participated...even baby Lily!

  7. Those are all so sweet and such happy snuggles. It's wonderful to see little Lily too!

  8. Most excellent selfies! Too bad about the Big V and Heloise! And We love the photos of the younglings too! It is great to see baby Lilly and young master Benny snuggling. Ollie, you rock and Tama you are Gorgeous as always!

  9. Oh the cuddles!!! You all look so happy :)
    I love cuddles so much too!
    PP Benny is too young to appreciate them.
    He's still stuck on GO!
    Purrs, Julie


  10. All those snuggles make us want to join in!! Lily will soon be a seasoned snuggler, by the look of it!! LOL


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