Friday 28 May 2021

Frootbats and Flying Ears on Friday


Benny: What's a froot??????? Or a bat?

Tama: Sigh...

Ollie: OK, so we know that spaniels do great flying ears but this time, we have a first for you! A double flying ear performance by me and Lab Fernant!

Aren't Fernant's flying ears awesome?


  1. Yes Ollie, Fernant's flying ears are almost as impressive as yours!
    Tama, it will take a while for PP to learn these things because he is too busy being PP!
    You have pawsome frootbats :)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Those were fabulous gang! Benny, you're sure getting big.

  3. You all have fantastic frootbats! That is quite a capture to get both Ollie and Fernant with flying ears.

  4. You'll grow into your ears soon enough, Benny!

  5. That is a very good display of double flying ears! You have very good frootbats for a trainee, Benny. I suspect you will grow into them in time. Tams, your frootbats are lovely.

  6. I love the frootbats and the flying ears....especially Fernant! ~Ernie

  7. Fernant, you have amazing flying ears too ! Benny, you have very good frootbats for a beginner. Purrs

  8. Wow, what a great capture of those flying ears!
    Benny, your frootbats are going to be the subjects of many a picture...and you are off to a great tart.
    Patience, Tama...MOL!

  9. Look at the double front batx! And Benny, your are terrific!


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