Thursday, 28 May 2020

Thankful(ish) Thursday

Genji: Mee-YOW everyone! The Shining Prince here! Thanks for rooting for me when I wasn't eating. It helped a lot. I have been eating well the past couple of days, and it has made my #1 pretty happy! I'll try to carry on that way.

When Mr. G came by the other day, he took a really nice portrait of me:

And he also took this nice pic of me with #1:

Thanks, Mr.G!

The reason why we are thankful(ish) rathe than just thankful is that #1's car troubles continue. The garage here has failed to get it started so it is being taken to a VW garage in Chartres, but not before next Tuesday!  Maybe they should swing by the cathedral in the hope of some divine intervention... Anyway, the garage here has given #1 a pretty nice loaner, a Nissan Qashqai, but it's a stick shift so it has taken her a few days to get back into changing gears manually.


  1. we are so happy!!! and we hope you can share good news efurry day da Genji! our mama sticks with the stick, furever and ever, so if your mama can rule da stick, your number 1 can do it too... we are sure...

  2. That is a lovely portrait of your shining handsomeness, Genji. I am very glad you continue to eat well.
    I hope the car can be fixed with or without divine intervention!

  3. Genji, you look very mysterious!
    Keep gobbling up your noms, handsome.
    Car issues can really cause humans to get grey hair!

  4. We're so glad to hear you are eating better Genji and we have our paws crossed that the car can get fixed soon.

  5. I hope #1's car issues get figured out soon! And good for you, Genji - keep eating!

  6. Hooray for the feasting you are dojng, Genji! Keep it up!

    And boo to the car troubles, but at least #1 has a good loaner so she isn't stranded...
    Eons ago petcretary had a stick shift Mazda, she loved it. However the van she has now doesn't come in standard/manual...but after over 25 years of automatic she might have to relearn the fine points so as not to be a unfur-the-elder was when he got a 6speed Ford Focus...and he had never had a manual before! MOL!

  7. We're glad to hear you're eating better, Genji. We hope the car problem get fixed soon. Purrs

  8. I'm sure glad to hear you are eating again Genji! We hope #1's car gets fixed, that loaner will do in a clutch!

  9. Genji, it warms our hearts to hear that you are doing better - keep at it. Those are some beautiful photos.

    We hope #1's car problems get resolved soon - Mom says she could never handle a stick shift.

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  10. Good news Genji ! Hope things improve with #1's car too !

  11. Glad you are eating better Genji. Keep it up.


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