Sunday, 14 April 2019

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Today, I find myself with no choice but having to kick off with what we all consider to be one of the loveliest snuggle shots ever. We call it "The Kiss":

Arent' the Vs simply adorable?

Here, next, is one of me having a little snuggle with #1:

We also have this cute pic of Da Genj and Ollie snuggled up together:

#1 has been snuggling with Da Beebs a lot:

 Here also is a couple of great pics of #1 snuggling with Ollie and Tommy's sister, Sophie!

In this one, Sophie is even giving Ollie a little kiss!

Needless to say, Da Genj has also been snuggling with #1. Here he is occupying prime space upon her on the TV viewing sofa:

Finally, this is not quite a snuggle pic but it's close! Da Beebs and Da Genj snoozing right next to each other!


  1. Those are all such beautiful snuggles!

  2. That first picture sure is special. We love all your snuggle pictures.

  3. The kiss is such a sweet picture of the Vs. It is nice to see you all having a lot of snuggles.

  4. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner - that V + V shot is superb!!! Happy Snuggles all around.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber, and Tweets from the Newbie Piper

  5. These are some of the best snuggles we’ve seen. We love the Kiss. :)

  6. Yes, mum amembers seeing a sculpture of The Kiss, human style, just before meeting #1 last year. She is also sad that the V's didn't get to make baby V's too.

  7. I especially love the photo of the V's! Nice snuggle photos all around - I am a little miffed because I have been abandoned this weekend!

  8. Vidock et Violette vous avez fait la meilleure photo. Pas de contestation possible.
    Bibi les câlins c'est un bon remède pour tout le monde.


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