Monday, 1 April 2019

Manly Monday

Genji: Your Shining Prince here! #1 said I could kick off today's post as I didn't get much of a birthday post yesterday. I did have a nice day and #1 spoiled me all day long!

I hope you are not going to think me completely weird when I tell you that I enjoy hanging out with my woofie bro, Ollie:

With Beebs being pretty much out of commission for a while now, it's been good to have a playmate!

Here is a pic of me getting some birthday double cream from #1:

Ollie: the weather was great all weekend and I really enjoyed running in the fields!

#1 took this cool head shot of me:

Da Beebs: I really appreciate the continuing purrs and good wishes from everyone! I have been eating well and enjoying the good weather.

Vidock: The weather is great and the grass is growing. Life is good!

We would like to wish all of you a very good week!


  1. yes... it#s spring now and we can enjoy the sun and the hopefully rain-free days ;O)

  2. Everyone looks happy today which is good.

  3. Love seeing this Manly Monday. You all look SO good!!! Bibi, good to see you doing well.We are still purring for you.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Such a wonderful Monday post boys, it sure made us smile!

  5. Gen-Chan, we think it’s wonderful that you enjoy hanging out with Ollie! And that head shot of him is really gorgeous!
    We continue purrs for you, Bibi-Chan xo

  6. Genji, it's nice to see you get so well along with Ollie ! We keep purring for you, Bibi. Have a pawsome week ! Purrs

  7. It's okay for cats and dogs to like each other; anything else is just fake news! Love ya, Bibi!

  8. I am glad you all are enjoying the good weather, and that you are doing well, Beebs.

  9. You boys are all looking good. Keep up the good eating Beebs.

  10. Happy Monday, enjoy your week.

  11. How nice to see all you guys today! I think it is awesome you like hanging out with Ollie, Genji!


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