Tuesday 19 September 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Yesterday was a weird day. #1 was supposed to be home but she ended up going all over creation, first taking Genji to the vet, then taking the car to the vet (some filters need changing), then taking Tommy for a walk (his first "proper" walk in days). It was all quite exhausting!

Evening relaxation:

When #1 came back from England, I had to supervise the unpacking of the stash:

And the bedroom also needs supervising on an ongoing basis:

I thought I would also share this family shot with you. Here I am, next to #1, with Da Genj on her, and Tommy on his sofa:

I love it when we are all together. 

PS: Thanks for all the nice comments about Genji yesterday. His appette seems to have returned! 


  1. that was a super busy day... but all the trasures on your bad is a mighty fine compensation for a stressy day...

  2. I'm glad Genji's appetite is back! Now maybe #1 can relax with you guys, at least for a few days, right?

  3. Thank goodness Genji is beginning to eat again! Did the vet draw blood for labs? Any idea of what was making our dearest boy poorly?
    Hoping that there are sunny skies and calm days ahead at Poupounette Central.

    1. No. The vet decided it did not warrant drawing blood this time, his general condition being good.

  4. Good to hear Genji is eating normally again. Excellent job of snoopervising Tama-Chan!

  5. never a dull moment with all of you....

  6. You take your role as snoopervisor very seriously, Tama. We hope you got rewarded with some tasty treats from that stash.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. We're glad to hear that Genji is eating again ! Great job snoopervising, Tama ! Purrs


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