Sunday, 3 September 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: As my sis, Sei, mentioned yesterday, #1 is actually here with us this weekend, so we are making the most of it!

My Beebs has been doing a lot of snuggling with #1:

I have concentrated more on Tommy:

Sei-Chan was catnapped by #1 for a snuggle!

Which didn't stop her from snuggling with Tommy!

And here is a nice one of Genji with Tommy:

With Miss Violette, a treat is as good as a snuggle!

 And here is a snuggle pic of #1 with little Heloise!


  1. Tama-Chan! what did you do at his butt ? =^x^= tee...heh
    Lovely to see you all have Sweet Sunday!

  2. It's way to hot here for proper snuggles, sadly. And my human has been running off to a vintage film festival pretty often this weekend, so she's not always here. Fortunately, I have therapy cat work scheduled this week, or I think I would perish for lack of snuggles.

  3. You have quite a few lovely snuggle pictures. We especially like seeing Miss Violette's soft nose taking a carrot from #1 so gently.

  4. Mom always says we should be taking lessons on snuggling from you guys. We aren't really snugglers but we do enjoy a good petting. Happy Snuggly Sunday,

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. I am glad you have #1 with you this week to share your snuggles.

  6. That's a powerful bunch of happy snuggles fur sure!

  7. We love all the snuggles this Sunday.
    Heloise is getting big :o
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. Dear Furrends!
    I am so very glad that your #1 is home to snuggle with you this Sunday. And I loved seeing all of you snuggling and snuggling with Tommy. Though I no longer think of Cinnamon as a horrible beast and I do sleep under the bed with her, but I have not yet started snuggling.

  9. Great snuggling! We hope you all are getting your fill of snuggles


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