Friday, 1 September 2017

Fabulous Friday With Genji

Genji: Mee-Yow, everyone! I asked #1 if I could have a post just to myself and she said yes! I wanted to share with you this nice pic of me she took yesterday:

She gave me a good brushing. She said I needed it. I love the Zoom Groom!

But it's not just her. I work at it too!

By the way, I agree that it's really nice of big bro Tommy to let me use his bed. 

I don't use it all the time, though. I quite like the old desk chair too. It has a Boogie Mat on it:

I hope you enjoyed my post!


  1. wow your fur sparles like 87 diamonds... your brush has magic powers I bet :o) have a super furryday, we have horrible rain here, hope it will not move to your area...

  2. We did enjoy your post Genji!
    We really like your first two pictures.
    You are a handsome boy Genji!
    It is also nice to have lots of good snoozy spots.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You are such a handsome and special boy, Genji! I bet my human would love you almost as much as she loves my nephew Louie if she met you!

  4. You are a marvelously photogenic kitty, sweet Genji. Number 1 seems to capture photos of you that look like actual paintings. The first looks like one of those on the beige silk. We love it!

  5. You got your best mighty fine on today, looking good!

  6. You are such a handsome boy,Gen-Chan! How nice you enjoy Zoom Groom. My boys are not big fan of it :-) Love all the pictures and especially the last one -- what a cutie pie you are :-)

  7. Genji, in that first photo, we can see the sunlight right through your ears! Like they are glowing...

  8. Genji, we love seeing you. You are just so handsome and sure look comfy in all your great places. Hope you have a good week end.

  9. You are such a cutie Genji. Tommy is such a nice woofie to let you use his bed while he takes the floor.

  10. Bonjour Genji.
    Je suis bien d'accord avec toi. Il faut prendre grand soin de notre fourrure.
    Les brosses massage c'est bien, mais je préfère celles qui grattent bien.
    Il a l'air vraiment bien le grand coussin de Tommy.
    Nous on aime beaucoup la photo sur la chaise. Tu es tout mignon craquant.

  11. Those are gorgeous pictures of you, Genji ! You're such a handsome boy ! Purrs


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