Monday, 18 September 2017

Manly Monday - With Genji Update

Genji: Mee-Yow, everyone. It's me, Genji. Could I ask you for a few purrs, please? I have been rather off-color ever since #1 came home on Saturday, eating very little, and she is worried about me. She says I may have to go to Dr. C's if I don't start eating properly again. So, I could use some positive energy!

Da Beebs: I second that. I don't like when my bro isn't 100%.

Tommy: Me too. Feel better soon, little bro.

Vidock: Neighs from me as well.

 We'll keep you posted.


#1 here. We are just back from the vet. Genji's temperature was normal and other vital signs looked fine. It seems he has a bad sore throat, and she put him on a broad spectrum antibiotic to get rid of it. He also got an appetite stimulant. He did have a little food when he got home, and his appetite should be back to normal by this evening. Paws crossed.


  1. hugs and potp to you... all paws are crossed that efurrything is back to normal soon ;o)

  2. I'm sending purrs your way, Genji - I hope you are feeling better soon... without a trip to the vet!

  3. We are sending lots of purrs your way Genji.
    We hope this condition is temporary and you feel better soon.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. You have our purrs our prayers and all of our love with you Genji. A visit to the vet may help you to feel better more quickly. That would be good, wouldn't it? We are with you during your difficult time, precious friend.
    Hugs and kisses sweetheart.

  5. Genji, hope you are gobbling up your noms like normal soon! I think I need an appetite-DE-stimulant...

  6. We have our paws crossed for you Genji. You shouldn't worry #1 and your siblings like that so please enjoy a meal soon.

  7. We cross our paws and hope you'll feel better soon, Genji. We send you tons of healing purrs. Purrs

  8. Bonjour mon cousin,
    Alors tu étais encore malade. Heureusement que ça a l'air pas trop grave. Elle a du avoir vraiment peur ta #1.
    Vivement que ton médicament fasse de l'effet.
    Plein de ronrons guérisseurs.

  9. I'm sorry Gen-Chan isn't feeling well. I hope the antibiotic helps heal the sore throat, and I hope he'll start eating well. Sending purrs xo

  10. Once again, swift action from #1 and little Genji will be doing just fine asap. It can't be much fun eating with a sore throat. Feel better, Genji.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Dang Genji, purrs and prayers from all of us too.

  12. Feel better soon, Genji ! Purrayers !


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