Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tommy's Thankful Thursday

Tommy: Woofs, everyone! I have to tell you that, even though I had a lot of fun with my Mummy and sisters, there is nothing better than being home with one's #1 and one's pussycats!

The weather has been pretty nice and so #1 and I have been enjoying our romps in the fields:

Yesterday, we bumped into my buddy Joko and his family. He is young and very boisterous, so I gave him some advice on how to become a perfect gentledog.

We also bumped into Basha:

Basha asked if we would include a photo of him for the lovely Loustiquette, and we of course said yes!

And here is a nice pic of me that #1 took:

I am so thankful for my life!


  1. oh how great that you met so much friends... I sadly have no clue how to bee-hive like a gentledog... the mama said I'm more like a wild hog... so maybe I am a gentlehog? And maybe you can show me what I have to do to become a gentledog when I see ya?

  2. You do have a great like and we are glad you are so happy :)
    You have some pretty neat friends too.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You do have an awesome life, Tommy!

  4. Always uplifting! LSBnWNC

  5. Good morning love.
    We love seeing you and enjoy seeing your friends. Basha is as handsome as ever and his furs look especially lovely in the green grass. If Joco turns out to be half as wonderful as you, he'll be a splendid fod indeed. We think you are the best dog ever. Have fun!

  6. Bet those kitties were happy to see you too
    Lily & Edward

  7. You are the perfect gentledog, Tommy. Joko can learn a lot from you :-) Great photos. Always love seeing your cheerful face!

  8. Bonjour Tommy,
    Tu es l'image du bonheur !
    J'aimerais bien moi aussi avoir un pré comme le tien. Ici c'est compliqué de se promener, ça monte et ça monte...
    C'est très gentil d'avoir accueilli Basha dans ton post. Ca me fait tellement plaisir d'avoir de ses nouvelles.
    Je lui envoie plein de ronrons tendres.

  9. It is ALWAYS best to be at home, but it is also nice to have somewhere like home to go when #1 has to leave you - so much better than our dumb boarding place. It is so easy to see how much fun you and #1 have in the field.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. We love seeing you enjoy your happy Tommy!

  11. It's nice you met so many of your friends ! Your post made us smile ! Purrs

  12. You sure have a lot to be thankful for. We think Joko is happy to have met you so you can teach him how to be a proper French dog.

  13. You do have a good life Tommy. Enjoy.

  14. Woofs Tommy, Fenris & Tuiren would love to come romp with you in the fields. It looks like such fun.

  15. Oh Tommy!
    mes so thankful to sees yous and your furrends! Life is grand is it not!!

  16. Tommy, we're thankful too! Basha looks meowvelous!


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