Tuesday 29 December 2015

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I cannot believe it's been a whole week since my last post. The time does fly when you have fun, doesn't it?

I am happy to say that my Christmas truce with my Beebs has been going rather well. Here is a photo of us sitting companionably together:

And here are the two of us companionably looking out of the windown in the study (the squirrels are back, by the way!):

As you know, we have also had that great big blond lump staying with us over the holidays. He sticks to #1 like glue most of the time, a potential treat or food item being his sole purpose in life. He also cramps our style at supper in front of the TV...

Of course, #1 is also looking after his kitty bro, Basha, who asked us if we minded putting a pic of him on the blog for his lovely lady, Loustiquette, who lives down south. So here goes:

 We have been having some nice sunpuddles, so here is yet another regal shot of me reclining on the fine upholstery and soft Peggy's Blankie:

Have a lovely Tuesday, Dear Friends!


  1. Always nice to see you Tama.
    You look lovely in those sunbeams :)
    We are due to have another snow storm today.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I always enjoy seeing you, Tama! And how nice you and Bibi are getting along better!

  3. Big blond lump .. MOL
    I'm pretty surprise none of you want to snuggle with big blond lump...Ha..Ha

  4. Oh my, that is a lovely pic of you, Tama!

  5. You guys are adorable sitting around the table
    Lily & Edward

  6. Tama it is so nice to see you getting along with your boy. It looks like you have been having a very nice time over the holidays.

  7. Thanks fir the updates, I am glad you had a nice Christmas.

  8. Those are all great photos! I'm glad the truce is going well...perhaps you can teach the human population a thing or two!

  9. I am glad to hear that you are continuing the truce with your Beebs, Tama.

  10. looks like a super Tuesday over there...

  11. Tama-Chan... Do you think of Fernant as a "blonde lump" as well? It's funny, but I thought all Labs were smart! My Black Lab sure was! Anyway, I love your pictures with Beebs! Very cute! I also like the way Basha's head is turned to the side in his picture. I'm so glad you all had a great Christmas! Now it's time to celebrate New Years! I'm so busy with new clients because everybody wants to lose weight and get fit for their new year's resolution. We'll see how long they stay, lol. Hurray! It's a Tama-Chan Tuesday!

  12. Hi there !
    Over here have been busy busy for my mom-person so we haven´t had much help visiting friends :(
    Looks like you had a nice catmas and company :)


  13. Hello Basha. We're very happy to see you again, beautiful boy. Did you have a good Christmas?
    Well done, Tama and Beebs. Hope the Christmas spirit between you lasts throughout the year.

  14. We hope your and da Beebs truce lasts into the new year, Tama-Chan. :)

  15. We're glad to read the truce is going on. It looks like you had a nice Christmas Enjoy your sunshine ! Purrs

  16. Tama tu es très belle sur ton dernier portrait.
    C'est bien de faire la trêve avec Bibi. Comme ça c'est tranquille.
    Basha je suis super contente de te voir. Tu as l'air en pleine forme. C'est gentil de penser à moi.
    Ronrons pour tout le monde, et spécialement pour toi Basha


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