Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sneezy SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: No. Dear Friends, it's not me who is sneezy! You can guess who is, can't you? She is still on the road to recovery and it's a slow, sneezy process. Amazingly, our Christmas tree did go up yesterday but #1 says that is entirely due to huge help from a nice (and young and healthy!) Japanese friend. And #1 has promised to be really good this weekend.  Of course we will believe that when we see it...

#1 had to make room on our tatami space to wrap some gifts the other day and so she doubled up two zabutons. as you can iagine, I was first in line to be a two-zabuton girl!

She also brought some new Christmas decorations and I had to approve them:

And I did some supervising of my fusspot bro, Da Beebs, having his meal:

In addition to nursing duties with my other bro, Genji:

I'm a busy girl these days!


  1. My human was sick most of this week, but she is better now! I have to say, it sounds like #1, sick as she has been, is a tad more functional than mine was during her illness. She was utterly useless. Paws crossed that #1 is less sneezy very soon!

  2. Aren't you the most wonderful girl! It seems as if you are running the entire household. Your sweet presence is very comforting for your #1, we are sure,
    (Père Nöel, are you listening?)

  3. Goodness sakes, girlie! You need a spa day after all that work! But it's good of you to run the house while No. 1 lies ill and gets help with the Xmas tree. *G*

    Hope she feels better soon - isn't it exciting that Xmas is less than 2 week away? We are mailing out our Secret Paws prezzie today - I can't wait 'til they get it. It's going to a place called New Zeeland!


  4. We sure hope #1 gets all better quick like!

  5. Your Mom is lucky to have such good nurses.

  6. I had just posted my comment here and it disappeared! Bummer! It's wonderful how the felines have been taking care of #1. Sei-Chan, Genji, and Beebs, I'm so proud of you! I suppose the "sneezy" part of a cold is better than the beginning stage. It's no fun to feel those aches, pain, and overall feeling of malaise! It must have been difficult to put up the tree... even with help! Sei-Chan, keep reminding #1 that she needs to take it easy and not take on too much until she is completely over the cold! Have a wonderful Sei-turday!

  7. Sounds like you've got it all under control, little one. Keep nursing your #1 and keeping an eye on those silly kitty boys. You get some rest too, Sei, those zabutons look very comfy.

  8. Busy is sometimes good, Sei-Chan. And we think a double zabuton sounds like a great regular practice:)

    Hugs to #1 and wishes for improvement soon.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. We hope your Caturday has been a lazy day for all of you!
    You kittehz keep up the great work. We're sending get well purrs for #1.

  10. Ca m'a l'air hyper confortable ton double zabuton Sei. Un bon endroit pour faire la sieste.
    Genji et toi vous êtes de parfaits garde malade. C'est sure qu'avec vous les microbes de votre #1 ils vont se sauver !

  11. Oh you are just the best of nurses! #1 can't help but be totally better NOW!

  12. Hope #1 gets rid of her sneezy stuff soon. Hopefully she will be all better by Christmouse.

  13. Poor #1. We hope she is better soon.

  14. We can tell how busy you are! And looking after #1 is - well - #1!

  15. We don't know what will happen to everyone without you Tama.


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