Monday 14 December 2015

Manly Monday

Da Genj: Well, #1 was really, really good yesterday and stayed in bed most of the day, and took her new meds, and she says that she thinks she's beginning to feel better! I have been continuing my nursing duties:

Da Beebs: I have been trying out the Christmas Hammick for size and resilience:

Da Trav: I have been snoozing in my favourite straw box! 

Vidock: #1 says I have a nice bum. Do you think so?

Tommy: I got my new Christmas collar yesterday!

Here is hoping you all have a great, bug-free week!


  1. I'm so glad #1 is starting to feel better! My human thought she might be, after seeing her comment on FB about the parmesan! (And she agrees!)

  2. Island Chans here...our person Mr.S is very touched that your #1 takes such good care of DaTrav! Good to hear that #1 is on the mend :))) Sami & Sama

  3. We're glad to hear that #1 is feeling some better. Hey, y'all sure are looking good and Trav still makes us smile when we see him enjoying a comfy.

  4. glad #1 is feeling boys are all looking very good there

  5. Vidock, un cheval se doit d'avoir une double croupe... C'est beau !
    Genji tu es un parfait garde malade. Il n'y a rien de mieux pour lutter contre les microbes. D'ailleurs c'est surement grâce à toi si ta #1 va mieux !
    Voyageur que demander de mieux qu'un endroit confortable et tiède, tranquille. Tu es au bon endroit.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  6. Yeah! #1 is feeling better! Da Genj, you are awesome to continue your nursing duties. So Da Beebs, do you approve of the Christmas hammick? It looks comfy to me. I love Tommy's new Christmas collar. #1 sure does a lot to make it festive and put you all in the Christmas spirit! Sounds like she's on the road to recovery. It'll be just in time for Christmas! Have a restful day.

  7. We are glad you are feeling better cause nursing is exhausting
    Lily & Edward

  8. That is good news that #1 is starting to feel better. You do have a lovely bum, Vidock!
    Your card to us arrived today. It is lovely, thank you.

  9. Still on the job, Genji love? What a dear boy you are.
    Glad to hear your #1 is feeling better.
    We are always happy to see you Little Traveller but are absolutely delighted to see you appear to be settling in at Poupounette Central. We continue to pray that one day you might feel #1's loving touch
    Hugs for all.

  10. We are happy to hear #1 is feeling better.
    That is due to all of you looking after her :)
    Vidock, Mom says you have a nice bum too ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. Mom says no bugs allowed here - too much company coming in for the holidays and all the kids around !!! Glad to hear the news on #1. Vidock = you have a spectacular bum:)

    Love that collar, Tommy - Santa will be sure to spot you on Christmas Eve.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. You all must be doing a good job if #1 is feeling a bit better. That the doctor stopped by, must be a fluke!

  13. We're so glad #1 is getting better. And yes, Vidock, you do have a cute bum. ;)

  14. Adorable bum, Vidock.
    So good to hear that #1 is feeling better. We kits have been purring hard for her.

  15. You look very cozy, Traveller ! You have nice bum, Vidock, very athletic. We're glad #1 is feeling better, you all did a great job of nursing. Purrs

  16. Everyone looks so festive and Vidock certainly is showing his bum off to perfection!!!


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