Sunday 20 December 2015

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: The last SoS before Christmas! We are more than ready for the holidays although poor #1 is still coughing and still on meds. But, she does say that she has her senses of taste and smell back and that is the most important thing! We had a big pot luck dinner at out house on Friday evening and everyone had a great time!

Now, given that it is the festive season, I thought I should perhaps make a gesture towards my son, Da Beebs.

Hey, YOU!

My Beebs: Yes, Mama-Tama? 

Me: Shall we have a Christmas truce?

My Beebs: I would love that, Mama-Tama!

Me: OK, then. Just for a bit.

 So, that's sorted out, then. I hope Santa remembers this...

Oh, and I also decided I needed to have a nice long snuggle with #1:

In other news, Sei-Chan has been snuggling with Tommy, if you can find her in this picture:

Ah, this one is a bit better:

Da Genj has been undercover with #1:

Soppy Beebs of course simply adores his #1:

And Tommy was photographed having a huge snuggle with #1 at our pot-luck!

No Big V snuggle pic this week, but we are very glad to see the return of Miss Violette! Here she is getting some yummy apples and carrots from #1 yesterday:

 Remember, Sundays are for Snuggling!


  1. I'm glad #1 is starting to really get better! My human has had a busy weekend - there has hardly been any snuggling time!

  2. Glad that there was lots of snuggling at your place. Hope the germs go away by Christmas.

  3. Y'all look seriously terrific and very happy! We hope #1 can kick that yucky stuff away soon.

  4. Those are all great snuggly photos- have a nice Sunday!

  5. Tis the season for everyone to be hugging and snuggling and being friends - that is so true at The Pouponette! Hope #1 starts to pick up the pace on the improvement. We are a little worried about how long this has been hanging around:(

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. So glad #1 is better and better! That was a mean unrelenting germ! You all look fabulous snuggling and I will join mom for some of that here shortly.

  7. Tu as totalement raison Genji. "Undercover" c'est une super place. Je fais ça tous les soirs pendant que Nat à Chat lit. Et même la nuit.
    Tama tu fais du charme à ton fils ou bien au Père Noël ? Remarques ça peut marcher, surtout que le Père Noël c'est ta #1 et à vous voir comme ça tous les deux elle va fondre.

  8. I bet the snuggles are helping her get better. I am glad she can taste again!

  9. Tama, that is very nice of you to have a truce with Da Beebs. I am sure Santa has taken note.
    I am glad #1 is continuing to improve and hope she feels much better by Christmas Day.

  10. Glad #1 is getting better. I hope she makes full recovery quickly!
    Love the photo of undercover Gen-chan :-) That sure makes her feel better!

  11. Christmas is a time for truces. With that in mind, mes asked Santa that my human brother NOT bring Ninja. Mes is snuggling with mommy... mes keeps telling her that will make her tooth grow... mes not sure she belives me. Wes hopes #1 feels better soon.

  12. We're happy #1 is doing better! Miss V, if that mud or snow? We can't tell on mommy's phone!

  13. I'm so glad the party on Friday was a hit! It's amazing that #1 is ready for Christmas already! Don't you think, Tama-Chan? I have a ton of wrapping to do yet. That's awesome, Tama-Chan, you and Beebs are seeing "eye to eye"! Everybody is snuggling today. It's either with #1 or Tommy. I really love that picture of #1 snuggling with Tommy! It's really cute! Violette got some yummy snacks and #1 could snuggle with her.'Tis the season!

  14. What great pictures again. I hope the truce lasts forever. Life is too short to be mad at someone.

  15. Mum and I had our snuggles too. We do that every day.

  16. Yay for lots of snuggles,a truce and #1 feeling a bit better
    and able to taste!
    That should make for a happy Christmas!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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