Sunday 13 December 2015

Sorry State Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, the fact of the matter is that #1 is feeling pretty awful. Terrible cough with eyes caked shut in the morning... you get the idea. Fortunately, her very nice doctor friend, Dr. J, stopped by the house yesterday evening and brought new and different medicine, so we are all crossing paws that it makes her better quickly.

The end result is that we do not have a proper SoS post for you today. We do have a couple of pics of nurses Sei and Genji attending to #1:

We have, however, made some progress in the Christmas spirit category. A very kind young Japanese friend of #1s came over on Friday and helped to put up and decorate our tree! Thank you, Ms. Y!

We have a couple of new decorations this year, including this one in honour of Violette's participation in the big Japanese festival in August:

#1 also assembled our Christmas Hammick and I immediately checked it out!

Oh, and we also have some Christmas dishes!

Have a great Sunday, Everyone!


  1. I hope that #1 feels better soon - that crusty and coughing stage is just awful.

  2. No SoS post needed - please just snuggle with #1 and help her feel better please.

  3. OMC, we hope #1 feels better soon ! Your Christmas ornaments and dishes are very pretty. Purrs

  4. We're sure hoping that the new meds helps #1 get all better quickly. Purrs from all of us.

  5. We are going to rev our kitteh motors for #1! Purring, purring, purring!!!

  6. I'm so sorry #1 isn't feeling well at all. I hope the new medicine does the job. The pictures of all of you guys are very cute! I love the ones of Sei-Chan and Genji peeking out from under the blanket! I think they're very concerned about #1's health. What do you think about the Christmas "hammock" Tama Chan? It'so festive, right? It looks like Christmas in your house! #1 did a good job despite feeling so horrible. I have no excuse. I need to get my Christmas decorations out today! Keep taking good care of #1 and make sure she rests!

  7. We are sending lots and lots of healing purrs to #1.
    Wishing her a quick recovery.
    She is most lucky to have such a great nursing staff :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. Poor #1! I hope the new medicine helps her soon feel better. The tree looks very pretty.

  9. Gosh, we sure hope #1 feels much better and soon. Maybe the new medicine will work. Sending lots of purrs.

  10. You guys are getting there! Sounds like it's going to take patience and some damn good kitteh nursing (well, I'm sure the doc helped A LITTLE). But I know who's putting the REAL time in. *wink*


    PS - Xmas stuff looking good!

  11. Oh dear, we just knew this cold was hanging on too long. We hope the new meds do the trick. And how awesome to have a doctor who will make a house call - a rarity in today's world. Our human Great Uncle was a doctor and in his early years, he always made house calls. Feel better, #1.

    Hugs and Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. I am sending all my best healing purrs to #1 and mom is sending her strongest wishes for #1 to get better. She is really going through it and we are so sorry. xxoo

  13. Poor #1...nothing is worse than feeling truly AWFUL. We are happy she has you and a lovely People Vet to take care of her!

    pee ess: did #1 get her temperature taken?


  14. It's a good thing the people vet came to make her well again. We can see how worried Genji was as well. We hope things will get better for Christmas.

  15. Sweet Genji, you look so worried. Hopefully the new medicine will help your #1 to recover quickly.

  16. Mon cousin tu as un air hyper sérieux et concentré. Tu es en train d'écouter les conseils du médecins pour guérir ta #1 plus vite ?


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