Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thankful Thursday - Collared!

Genji: Now you may or may not know that, in this house, the boys wear collars and the girls mostly don't. I am not sure whether it means we are superior or that we should complain. Anyway, Da Beebs and I both wear breakaway collars (Tommy wears a fancy rolled leather handmade collar) and #1 had noticed that both were looking a little the worse for wear. So, she went and ordered two new collars, in perfect colours, from Red Dingo!

Now there is a further rather interesting rule here: Da Beebs has a bell on his collar and I don't. It seems strange as he has the loudest miaow in the house and I have the tiniest. Anyway, that is how #1 can tell if he is lurking close to the front door etc...

Despite what it looks like, # 1 is not throttling Da Beebs in this photo:

In addition to his bell, he has a little gold heart locket on his collar.

And here is mine. Blue suits me so well, don't you think?

She tells me there is a little fish charm somewhere which she is going to add to my collar, but this requires some organisation...

As the season is approaching, she was also looking through our Christmas collars. During the festive season, ALL of us wear Christmas collars, even Tommy. He has a great one from Dublin Dog!

Anyway, I am sure you would love to see another picture of me. In this one, you can see how frayed my previous collar was getting:

And here is Da Beebs wearing his old collar. As you can see, that was also looking a little ratty:

Do you guys all wear collars? We are also microchipped, in case you were wondering.

PS: By the way, for those of you who are on FaceBook, we just wanted to mention that there now is a The Poupounette page in which we try to post photos that are not on the blog.


  1. Your new collars look nice indeed. We love collars from Red Dingo and we have several. All of us are microchipped and all of us have collars as san worries about our safety in case we decide to take a walk by ourselves. Of course only Tanaka has a very loud bell and our brother Megat, when he was with us, had a little one.

  2. Your new collars look´s grreat !
    I wear my harness that say´s I´m a Rascal when I´m outside and I´m microshipped too :)

  3. Genji & Beebs: Us wear COLLARS?! Perish the thought! But that new interloper, Rachel, SHE has had a collar on from the day she got here. It's kinda cute - it's got owls on it.


    Selina the nekked

  4. You boys do look sharp in your brand new collars and those colors suit you well!

    We have never worn collars at all. Our mom tried to put one on Cookie as he likes to go out in the yard, but he would always wiggle out of his collar.

    Happy Halloween, we will probably get 40+ little people coming to our door, so we will hide and avoid the confusion!

  5. No way would we wear collars - we are microchipped anyway and Mum worries if we did stray we could get caught up somewhere and be unable to free ourselves and get strangled. We only go on our fences and the local roofs and the garage roof anyway.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Our mom tried to find you on Facebook but searching for "The Poupounette" she couldn't find you. Can you post or send us a link?

    Millie & Walter

  7. The collars look bootiful. Happy halloween! =)

  8. most of us are chipped (Maestro isn't but at 19 mom figures what the point). and most of us wear collars....Junior and Spud won't leave theirs on

    We laughed at Beeb's picture of being not-throttled. :)

  9. Those are very cool new collars!

  10. Vous etes très beaux les garçons avec vos nouveaux colliers, très élégants.
    Loustiquette elle n'a jamais porté de collier et elle est tatouée.
    Moi je suis sortie en harnais pendant 6 mois. Après j'avais un collier de sécurité. Mais comme je passe dans des endroits impossibles je revenais tous les 10 jours sans. Alors je n'en ai plus. Et bien sure je suis pucée.
    Plein de ronrons.

  11. OH you look SO good! New collars for everyone! No, I don't wear a collar and really mom wishes she had gotten me used to one when she first got me. She can try but I bet I would protest all the way.

  12. Very attractive. I used to wear a collar with a bell. Somewhere along the years it got lost UTB or UTC and... that was that...
    I miss my collar

  13. Very nice new collars - great idea with the bell too. Lightning is the only one here who wears a collar all the time. That is so Mom can grab him. Ciara can't wear one because she gets it caught on the no-sibe fence when she tries to stick her head inside it. Lightning just jumps over it. Mom tried the break away ones but when it breaks away, Lightning grabs it and chews it up:( Phantom doesn't need a collar - he is always a good boy.
    Happy Halloween from Camp Spooky Kennel.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Our mom bought each of us a break-away collar with our name and phone number embroidered on it, plus we are micro-chipped. Unfortunately she kept putting off making us wear the collars, so we go nekked for now.

  15. Issa and Duffy have bells and hearts on their collars too! You can hear them as they walk down the block...they sound like sleigh bells on the move! The cats don't have collars but are microchipped (the dogs are also microchipped!) Collars would look cute on the cats but LP is too cheap to buy them! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. You both look very smart in your new collars.

  17. We like your new collars. Me and Wally wear collars with tags. Zoey doesn't wear a collar. The mom says because she's long furred, you wouldn't be able to see a collar on her so she's never made Zoey wear one. We don't mind wearing them.


  18. We are total in-ies, but we are chipped. Your new collars are lovely. Your #1 chose the colours perfectly. Our Genji is quite the kitty model. The boy really knows how to strike a pose! We think he should have a little heart in his collar too.

  19. New collars! Woo-Hoo! You both look very dapper! I am so glad you all are microchipped! Great idea! You are well loved!
    Lily, WA, USA

  20. Snikhker on the throttling!

    As fur Dublin Dog Khollars:


    I've got a PERSIAN DAWN style fur MINE!

    PeeEssWoo: Or is that PURRRRRSIAN?


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