Monday, 7 October 2013

Manly Monday

Vidock: YOU MAY KISS......

Do you not think, as I do, that being kissable and being manly are one and the same thing?

Oh, and guess what? I got my very first award. One just for me! It was from Scylla, my kitty friend over at AFSS. t's the Opposites Attract Award:

Thank you so much, Scylla! I am supposed to pass it on to girls since I am a boy, so I would like to pass it to Hisia at Bleue Comme Aby, Ms. Akira at Cat Tales, and Millie at Bird Brains and Dog Tales.

Tommy: #1 and I went to have dinner at friends' on Friday evening, and look what I found there!

It really was the best! It was warm enough so that, before dinner, we were able to enjoy drinks in the garden, and I got to do some quality roaching:

Da Beebs: We are slowly beginning to put seed out again for the birds and this is a most excellent viewing window!

Did I hear something about this month being 'TockTober?

Genji: Do I look all handsome in this pic or what?!

It's also very manly to enjoy window whiffies with your bro...

...or on one's own: 

Happy Monday, Everyone!


  1. You mancats (and horse) are all looking awesome today!

  2. What a smart t shirt to wear for a dinner party Tommy. Concats on yout award Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We're not so sure kissing is manly - we don't like it! Nuzzling, now that IS manly. So, you get bird tv - wonderful! We are jealous. Äiti doesn't feed the birdies as it encourages squirrels (which we love) and the neighbours complain about that! Humans, eh ? Lovely tocks by the way!

  4. What a handsome, manly bunch. We especially like the photo of Genji stretching his neck out. He looks very intent on something interesting.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. Hello beautiful boys!!! Glad everyone is having a good and manly Monday :-)

  6. Tu es absolument magnifique Genji, surtout sur la première photo.
    Nat à Chat elle dit que la tache rose de Vidock est irrésistible. Mais moi je dis que les bisous de Nat à Chat ils me sont réservés !
    Vidock merci pour l'award. Ca va être compliqué pour moi, comme il faut que je le passe à un garçon qui soit différent de moi, il faut que ce soit un humain (compliqué) ou bien un chien (je ne connais que Tommy). Je vais réfléchir
    Des gros ronrons.

  7. Happy Monday. That's a great set of tocks too. Very very handsome.

  8. Oh Vidock you make me blush. Thank you so much for this nice award and I would of course love to kiss your sweet snip. Of course the rest of the manly crew is looking fine today too.


  9. You all look very manly indeed !
    Happy Monday to you all :)

  10. Tempest would love Tommy she is a ball hoarder to. :)

  11. Oh Vidock what a cute nose
    Benny & Lily

  12. A very Manly Monday if there ever was

  13. Happy Monday to you as well, and we are glad to see you are still able to enjoy the outdoors.

  14. Genji, the photo with all the colour and sunlight behind you is lovely!

    Vidock a pink nose and a kiss go well together! lucky boy you!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. I would kiss you Vidock as long as you don't snuffle down your nose at me. Sometimes when I am mousie hunting and really concentrating, one of the horses creeps up behind me and snuffles my butt. It makes me jump so much that I nearly end up down the hole with the mousie.

  16. Yes it is Tock-Tober Beebs!

    Mum sends smooches to put on Vidocks's nose.

  17. Vidock, we've never kissed a horsie before...we'd like you to be our first! And then Violette. :)

  18. Mom is going to HaVE to finally catch me with my furred 'Tocks!

  19. Hi Vidock
    Mom and I came over from Millie and Walters to say hi!! You are a very handsome horse and you have kitties too WooHoo!!
    Hugs Madi


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