Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tama-Chan's Tree Tuesday

Tama-Chan: May I start by saying that I take exception to the comment by our friend Puna-Chan yesterday that no girls were to be seen when all the work was being done decorating the tree. I was there and I have proof!

What I would like to do today is to take you through our ornaments as each one of us has his or her very own! We will start with Tommy's which, traditionally, is always the first one to go on the tree:

Then there is mine:

And Sei-Chan's:

The three of us actually have personalised ornaments with our names on them. The others don't, but it's not hard to figure what belongs to whom...

My Beebs:



and Violette!

We also have miscellaneous other ornaments that are connected to us. Here are just a few:

And not forgetting our Winnie's Wish ornaments!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour through our ornaments!

Last but not least, remember the horse leg protections that Sei-Chan had "discovered" as a wonderful bed? Well, I was there first!

PS: Recently, there seems to have been so much bad and sad news around, so we were utterly delighted to learn that our friend ALLRED, from Bert's Blog, who had been missing for 30 days, came home in time for Christmas! Talk about giving his family the best gift ever!


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE those ornaments!!!!! I DO!


  2. Okay okay, I stand corrected - maybe the girlcats do a bit of the hard work too, hehehe! The tree is looking good and we love the personalised ornaments. We will encourage Äiti to do some for us, but if we get a tree, I tell you it will be up to us mancats to do the hard graft. Jaava and Aila will probably turn up at the last minute and try to climb it.

  3. We love your ornaments! We all have our own stockings but we don't have ornaments except for Grete and Madison....what's up with that?? We think mommy should go shopping. That is so pawsome that Tommy's ornament goes on the tree first. That makes us purrrr.

  4. All quite wonderful... but I ♥♥♥ Vidock's wreath ornament!! I blurted my coffee out! Fabulous!!

  5. We LOVE your ornaments ~ but are thrilled to hear your friend came home. We don't know Allred ~ but we can imagine the joy his family felt when he returned ~ they must have been worried sick when he was missing. xx

  6. Love the ornaments! I think, 9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki are giving me the eye, telling me to make special ornaments just for them

  7. Vidock's ornament made us laugh. We will have to share this post with our horsey friend cause she needs one like that for Spike! We don't really have ornaments (although there is a handmade one with Georgia and Gemini and an angel one that looks like Georgia). I think we need some meezer ornaments! I am now on a mission!!!

  8. The lady and I loved looking at your ornaments.

    We heard about Allred's return yesterday and went over to their blog. What a brave kitty he is! And, very lucky.

  9. That's a great collection of ornaments. Seasons Greetings from me and Birks. FAZ

  10. You guys have your very own ornaments?? That is so cool! And they are so beautiful too! I especially like Vidock's ornament :)

  11. Vidock's ornament had Mommy LOLing at WORK!

  12. That is so exciting that Allred came home. I bet he did somehow get somewhere and had to walk home. We had a cat disappear for 3 months and then come home.
    We also love Vidock's ornament. All the ornaments are terrific.

  13. You have so many precious ornaments!

  14. Those ornaments are really nice

  15. Of khourse Tommy's is the furst one!

    Just sayin'


  16. Nice you have things on your tree to make sure it is your tree.

  17. We love your ornaments! They are really quite lovely and very special. We never thought of doing personalized ones, probably cause we would enjoy playing with them instead of hanging them.

  18. Those are the coolest ornaments ever and because they are special to all of you makes them priceless.
    FYI Allred is doing ok. He is gaining strenght but has to go to the vet tomorrow because he has another abscess. But it is ok cause he is HOME

  19. me LOVES your cat toys and me LOVES that yous thinks it is a Christmas miracle that Allred came home too!.
    me purrayed and purrayed and there he is -- Home!

  20. Allred came home? Mowzers that's pawsome!! Oh and we think we like Vidock's ornament the bestest - MOL!


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