Monday, 24 December 2012

Manly Christmas Eve Monday!

Tommy: It's Christmas Eve! We are all set for Christmas. Our friend, Ms. L, arrived yesterday to spend Christmas with us and, on Christmas Day, several other friends will join us too! There are still some gifts to be wrapped and some food to be bought but we are finally more or less organised.

May I share a couple of photos taken with Mad Fernant the other day?

And I have a new friend! His name is Harley and he is an Aussie Shepherd who lives with Ms. C and Mr. L and their daughter N over at the V's new digs. He is only seven months old and he loves to play!

Bibi-Chan: Here is a rather fetching portrait of me:

And now to rest up for the big day!

Gen-Chan: I am very busy sprucing myself up for Christmas!

#1 keeps saying that I clean up pretty well!

Vidock: #1 tells me I have the perfect profile...

So here's a Christmas smooch for all of YOU!


  1. Watch out for those yellow labs. They tend to like to body slam with their big old barrel bodies. But I know you can outmaneuver him.


  2. Happy Christmas Eve! That's a very manly start to it for us. Make sure you get enough of the goodies from the food table.

  3. Oh Australian Shepherds are our favorite. Our Person has had them most of her life. Looks like all of you are having such a good time. We sure wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  4. OMC, happy woofies, portraits of the boys and kissies from Vidock! What a great day this is.

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We are excited because there is going to be a feast tonight...crab cakes, roast turkey...cheese! It's almost enough to make me forget about Santa's arrival. Almost.



  5. What a great manly Monday post. I especially love the kiss from Vidock.


  6. I hope you are all rested up for the presents you will all get!

  7. It sounds like your house will be full of warmth and good friends for Christmas! Have a lovely one!

  8. Tommy, we enjoy seeing you playing with your new friend. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas Eve!

  9. Dear Poupounettes,

    Bibi-Chan, what a stunning picture of you! And Vidock, just gorgeous! And Gen-Chan, you clean up beautifully! And the doggie playing pictures are fun!

    We wanted to stop by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas filled with much love, happiness, and good cheer! We are so glad to have met you this year and enjoy seeing all the beautiful photos of all of you.

    May the spirit of Christmas bless you and yours throughout the year.


    Fur Angle Suka and K

  10. I SO wish I khould be there and help kikhk some Lab derriere with woo!

    Happy Khristmas Eve Handsome!

    PeeEssWoo: I shared my heart with a friend of Mom's Monday morning - he was khwite impressed with the sound!

  11. Just wanted to send very Merry Christmas wishes to each of you at The Poupounette!!
    We've had a light dusting of snow tonight here in southcentral Pennsylvania making the landscape it quite lovely and magical outside!
    May your Christmas be extra special just like each of you!

  12. Isn't Harley gorgeous?! Did he smell interesting, Tommy? We remember when Fernant was tiny and innocent looking. He looks proper nuts in those pictures!

    Merry Christmas!


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