Monday 10 December 2012

Manly Monday Neighs!!!

Vidock: Neeeeeeigh Everyone! Sorry to be a little late in posting today. # 1 wanted to take the time to come and see me and Violette this morning, to make sure we were settling in well.

Here is a photo of me taken  when I was settled into my new box yesterday:

I kind of look like a jailbird, don't I? My new box is the kind that is totally closed. But I have a very cute neighbour, a filly who is about 7-8 months old!

Anyneigh, here is what #1 found when she arrived this morning:

There are lots and lots of girls in the field across the lane (including Violette) and I was introducing myself and showing them what I can do! There are more great photos but we will share them with you later. In the meantime, here is a more contemplative one of me enjoying my hay:

By the way, Violette is doing well too. She has already had several offers of friendship and is considering her options.

Tom: That boy can move! It was quite a show he was putting on for those girls. 

It was sunny when we got up this morning and it's quite mild today, so I had a great romp in my field:

Flying ears from a few days ago:

Genji: #1 calls this photo "symphony in blue"...

And she says I have the cutest elbows!

Bibi-Chan: Here I am, looking very manly in the snow the other morning:

We wish you all a most excellent week!


  1. My goodness Vidock, you really are going after those girl horsies! You will get a reputation! We are glad that it looks like the move ahs gone well.
    And now there is snow - just remember Bibi that if you do your escaping act now you can be followed as paw prints are a total give away.

  2. So glad to hear the V's are settling in so well. You sure are a show off Mr. Vidock. Maybe you will have a girlfriend at your new home.

    Glad Tommy had a great romp in the sun too.


  3. Looks like The Move wasn't too awful.
    Look at our Vidock showing off for the girls! The pretty girls are providing the perfect distraction from the unfamiliarity of the environment. Glad Violette is being well received too. Gave us a bit of a start when you post was delayed but we are thrilled to know all is well.
    Wow! Genii is really blue! Goodness! Exquisite colouration. Beebs in the tree is such a lovelyl photo.
    Perfect for a calendar' s winter month. And Tommy, you sweet, wonderful boy, your flyers are beautiful, just like you. Love to all.

  4. You really know how to show off. Oh my goodness, we thought the last picture was a mountain lion, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Vidock we're sure those lady horses were very impressed with your antics and will be preening themselves to get your attention. We think Violette will soon find a boy friend too. BiBi did you warm your paws on #1 after your walk in the snow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Looking good Vidock! Those moves will have the fillies fainting dead away. MOL! Glad to hear all is well in yours and Violette's world.

  7. Looks like you like your field and the new neighbors Viodock. We are hoping it all goes really well for both of you. Take care.

  8. Vidock! Look at that romp you have going on! Wow. And look at you brave Bibi Chan, out in the snow!

  9. Vidock! Pace yourself, sir! You gave us all a giggle. So happy the move is going well so far.

    Mommy has a thing for kitty elbows, too...she is weird.

  10. Wow Vidock - you are quite the showoff. :) You are all looking very handsome!

  11. Wow, those are awesome pawsome Monday photos! So handsome...and pretty too! Purrs...

  12. It looks like maybe Vidock is itching for a girlfriend! Will he be getting one sometime in the future?

  13. Vidock I bet those girl horse are vey impressed with your moves.

  14. OMC !
    Vidock you sure can jump !
    Pawsome manly pictures of you all <3

  15. How exciting! You have a nice new place!


  16. Yep, Vidock showing off for the girls. Sometime in the future, you may get to have a romance with one or more of them.

  17. Yep...a Siberian AbbyChat!

    PeeEssWoo: Thanks fur reminding me of what sun looks like Tommy! It has been almost a week now!

  18. Great shot of Vidock in mid-jump.
    Glad that Violette has made some friends already!

    Bibi looks like a wildcat in those photos. A mini mountain lion.

    Cat elbows are funny.

  19. WOW! Vidock. That is a nice one. You guys are looking so joyous with each other. Bibi is looking good in the snow - like one of those BIG Cats documentaries we see at Nat Geo :)

  20. Wow! Vidock, Yous looks marvelous darling!!
    Tommy, Love those ears! Bob said to tells Yous she is feeling whole bunches better and she is almost all recovered from her fall.


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