Saturday 23 October 2010

Travelling Tommy

: So, guess what? #1 made it safely across the pond! And guess who got to go out have pizza with her the evening before she left?

And who got to ride with her to the airport?

She salready sent some pics. She flew over this....

And she is now driving this...

And her aunt prepared delicious food for dinner!

I think she's having a good time so far!


  1. Great that #1 made it safely to the US, and Tommy, you are such a lucky boy, getting to go and accompany her for pizza and to the airport. We hope her trip goes great!

    And thanks for the overhead photo!!

  2. We are so pleased #1 got away and arrived safely - we wondered whether she would be able to travel
    Tommy you are getting to be quite a traveller yourself - going to the airport and out for pizza. Give our love to the kitties please and tell them can teleport over if they want to.

  3. We were SOOOO happy to see her post on FB she had made it!

    Of khourse, it is furry nice to see your handsome self!

    That was khool woo got to help her get to the airport!

    Have fun with your pals!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  4. So glad #1 is in the US now! Thanks for telling us!

  5. #1 is right here in the US of A! Wow! I hope she has funballs. Ohio has some pretty leaves this time of year for sure.

    I bet she flew over Boston too! You know, I can be seen from outer space. Did she see me?


  6. Wow look at the view from the air!
    Good that she's having a great time!
    Nice of you to ride with her to the airport!


  7. To The Poupounette Gang readers:
    Be sure to check out the daily dose blog today - it highlights The Poupounette Gang for doing something really special for us.

    Safe travels to you!

  8. Wow! Great food and great views, too! I'm glad I came to visit! I can't take my eyes off the plate that looks like meatballs in dough. Mmmm!


  9. Tommy, you look pretty sleepy on the way to the airport!

    #1, we are fascinated! Tell us what that was that your Aunt in Ohio made for you please!

    Hope you enjoy your trip in the Midwest. We think the most friendly people in the US live there. (Mom is from Indiana, so she is a bit biased!)

  10. We are with the others! What did #1's aunt make? They look delish.

    So hAppy you made across the pond safely :D

  11. I know that was fun, Tommy! Out to dinner and a car ride-W00t! I'm glad your #1 made it safely across the Pond in spite of the mayhem. Her aunt is a good cook, too!

  12. mmmm.... Peet-za! Yum! Glad she had a nice trip over and some good foods! And you got a car ride! Awesome, Tommy!

  13. Tommy, we love p-za! Did you get any?

    Hello #1!!! Welcome to the US!!

    ::waving paws from Las Vegas::

  14. What a relief - your human made it over here! I'm sure she'll have a great trip. It already sounds like it's off to a wonderful start!

  15. Yay that #1 made it safely to the US. Tommy you were so nice to make sure you kept your mom company before she left.

  16. Glad she made is safely.

    Hey! She is in OHIO??? That is where I am!

  17. Stuffed shells??? Yummers. So glad to hear that #1 made it safely. Still wishing we were just a tad closer so we could have met her. Stay good, all you furries at home.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. mom sure did travel a tillion miles. You are so lucky Tommy being able to go out for pizza
    Snorts and Snuggles,
    Benny & Lily

  19. We're so happy that #1 was able to travel...and that you got to see her off, Tommy...and 'specially that you got pizza!!

  20. We're thrilled to hear that #1 made it safe and sound over the pond, and hope she has an excellent trip :)

  21. Looks like she is having a good time! I hope you all are not too lonely.

  22. Wow, we are closer to #1 in terms of distance tht you are! Hope she has a wonderful trip. That last pic of food looks good!

  23. I hope #1 has a very wonderful time!

  24. She must be having a great time! Tommy, glad you got to go along to the airport.


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