Thursday 21 October 2010

Thankful Thursday

Hello everybody, Thei-Chan here! Remember my ploy to get blogging time on Thursdays too? Well it still works! #1 is now in her final countdown to departure first thing tomorrow morning and is now certifiably crazy.... Still, we do have lots to be thankful for!

Our new house-sitters arrived yesterday (from Texas!) and we already like them a lot! And best of all is that they have offered to drive #1 to the airport at dawn (before dawn, actually..) if the trains are still not running. Isn't that just lovely?

We are thankful that we are all going to be together in our comfortable surroundings, looking for sun puddles as usual. Tama-Chan and I did pretty well this morning:

The Bibi (who has quite won over our sitters with his antics!) spent time in the run:

Tommy was thankful for his fun run in the early morning frost with #1:

And Vidock was thankful when #1 went to visit him yesterday. He cantered to her!

I have been trying to learn how to use the Mac so I could blog whilst #1 is away. Hmmmmm.... Anyway, maybe she could so some remote blogging from wherever she is?

#1 says she would like to ask for everyone's indulgence. We have not been good about visiting and wil probably be really bad over the next couple of weeks. Plus she knows she owes a bunch of people emails etc... Please be kind and forgive her. All will return to something like order when she returns.


  1. We hope ALL of woo have fun and get to the places woo need to be!

    Paws khrossed!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I just KNOW they'll be furry impressed by your handsome self!

  2. We keep paws crossed that #1 will get stressfree and safely across the big pond tomorrow. And that she'll have a very intersting and successful time! It's good to hear that you're getting along with the house-sitters. That's an impawtant factor for the success of #1 away-time, we think. We'll miss you loads and sure hope that there'll be the ocasional post.
    Many purrs!
    Siena & Chilli

  3. I certainly hope so. I hate it when things are out of their usual routine. It's so difficult to have to adapt and as a cat,I shouldn't have to!

  4. Those sun puddles look gorgeous - I bet it feels really lovely on your furs. And there is indeed so much to be thankful for. We wish your #1 well on her travels, and hope the time passes quickly. Excellent that you have the cat sitters under your paws already. Long may it continue.

  5. Sei-Chan, tell #1 to try to relax until tomorrow, and to enjoy her trip.
    We'll miss her, but sure, we understand life as been quite hectic for her in the last few weeks.
    Be all good cats, dog and horse while she is away!

  6. We wish #1 a comfortable flight , fine flying weather and a seat mate that knows how to occupy his seat only. So happy you are able to stay in your own home. Being separated from mum is hard enough. Texas, goodness,! Hope your sitters are as nice as they appear. Vidoc is beautiful! We know nothing about horses but does his breed have Arabian ancestry? It must have filled your mum's heart with joy to have him greet her. A goodbye to carry in her heart , for sure.
    (We are no frills visitors. We haven't a blog.)

  7. Have fun #1! Maybe you guys can learn to speak Texan while she is away! That will be fun.


  8. We hope all goes well for #1 and she has a good flight tomorrow. We're glad you all like your sitters...of course we know they would love all of you! How could they not?? We hope you can figure out that Mac so we can hear from you once and awhile!!

  9. No worries, Sei-Chan, darlin'. Your #1 has found some wonderful sitters and will make her plane on time...and have a great time over on my side of the Pond...and then she'll come home to all you happy Furries-Vidock, included!

    This, too, shall pass!

  10. Texans???? How fun is that!!! All our best to #1 for an easy departure and a fun trip. And of course, we totally understand and don't want her to even think about trying to visit. Have a great trip and all the furries at home, stay well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. What a week your human has had! At least she knows she will make it to the airport no matter what. I usually don't approve of humans slacking off on any cat duties, but if she wants to take some breaks from helping you guys blog, visit, etc., I think she has earned it.

  12. Take care, #1!!! Have a wonderful trip. We look forward to hearing about your travels when you get back!

  13. We wish #1 a safe trip - getting in and out of France has certainly not been easy for the past few days. Murray's dad had to cancel his meeting in Paris and head to Belgium instead!

    Looking foward to her return.

    take care (and be good in her absence!)

    - Clive and Murray

  14. Take care #1 Have a safe trip and I tell all when you get back. Hugs GJ x

  15. Macs look like tricky things to learn to use so you guys just take your time, I don't mind.

    Wishing #1 a safe trip


  16. Bon voyage to #1 and we hope the Chan-clan and Tommy and Vidock enjoy their staycation!

  17. Thei-Chan it looks like you are very comfy waiting for the kitty sitters.
    Benny & Lily

  18. Everybody looks so good in the sunny pictures. #1, have a great trip. Maybe by the time you return, the strike problems will be a thing of the past.

  19. It's okay, we'll still be here when she gets back!

  20. Oh, we understand all too well. Momma's been working extra-hard on her business lately and we hardly get to visit any of our friends very often. At least she lets us scan through our reader occasionally. We do hope you are all happy and well and we wish #1 a wonderful trip!

  21. Texan cat sitters? We bet you'll be meowing with a drawl when #1 gets back, MOL!
    Good wishes for #1's trip, and no worries about commenting...just return home safe and sound.


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