Friday, 21 July 2017

Feline Friday

Da Beebs: #1 is away again until this afternoon. She left yesterday afternoon, on a mission that we all very much approve of and that we will tell you about very soon. In the meantime, Mr. G is looking after us.

I have been hanging with my half-sister Sei-Chan:

Mama Tama has been hanging with Tommy:

Da Genj has been sunbathing:

If you look closely at the next one, you can see me and Mama Tama!

Life is good!


  1. I can't wait to find out what #1 was off to!

  2. We like your pictures :)
    We also cannot wait to hear what #1 is doing!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. how great to see happy cats&a dog on furryday... hope your #1 is back soon and it was something fabulous she had to do while being away from you :O)

  4. #1 sure does get around - can't wait to hear what she was up to

  5. It looks like you are have a good Friday and it will be even better when #1 gets home!

  6. glad to see you are all enjoying some nice sunshine.

  7. Vos jours semblent s'écouler doucement, comme les notres.
    C'est bien pour des félins la tranquillité.
    Tu es très beau au soleil Genji. Tu as l'air détendu, confortable.
    Ronrons pour tout le monde
    Hisia et Loustiquette


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