Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I would like to start y thanking everyone who left sweet comments about me. We all appreciate them enormously. I have an appointment on Thursday morning to get the various tests done. In the meantime, following a conversation with a friend, #1 wormed me yesterday to see if that would have an effect. I am taking it qutie easy, and #1 is looking after me very well.

This was a few days ago, when we had a little sunpuddle:

Getting comfy:

And a little dangle never hurts, does it?

 I will be sure to keep you posted after my visit on Thursday.


  1. all paws and fingers are crossed for thursday... and I hope the luck of the irish is with you and st. paddy will cross his paws too... it's nearly that time, so I think the lucky spirit is still in the air :o)

  2. We are all purring for you Tama and hope for good results.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. I hope your checkup on Thursday is helpful, Tama.

  4. We are all sending you tons of purrs sweet Tama.

  5. Coucou Tama,

    Depuis longtemps je tousse par période. Pendant longtemps mon Papy il disait que c'était à cause des vers. Mes quand il a dit ça à ma veto elle a répondu que normalement ce sont juste les vers de chatons qui font tousser. Mais les vetos ils ne savent pas toujours tout.
    Ca serait bien que tes examens de jeudi montrent une fois pour toute ce que tu as. On croise les doigts pour que ce ne soit ... rien.
    Ronrons de soutien

  6. We are all sending lots of Frenchie vibes to you
    Lily & Edward

  7. The pawfect dangle, Tama - you are in our thoughts and prayers and we have our paws crossed for you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. we hope the v-e-t can get you back to feeling 100%


  9. We hope the vet has a few helpful insights for you on Thursday, Tama. We will be thinking of you!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. I am purring that everything goes well for your vet visit on Thursday, and that they can find what is causing your coughing.

  11. You look very relaxed in your pictures. We have our paws crossed that the doctors can figure out what is wrong with you Miss Tama.

  12. We are purring that all goes well for you on Thursday, Tama, and they can figure out what is going on with you.

  13. Hope your tests show you are OK on Thursday.

  14. we're sending you all of our healthy, healing thoughts, Miz T.
    And we're sooo happy to see you feeling up to a bit of a dangle!

  15. Tamma! Yous looks marvelous darling!


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