Saturday, 11 March 2017

Stressed-Out SEIturday

Sei-Chan: What do you think? Is it safe to come down from my high shelf? Recently, there have been carriers and pills a little too much in evidence...

And, apparently, #1 is going to be leaving us on Monday and be gone for nine whole days. She told us that Mr. G will be looking after us, and I love sleeping with him at night, but we will be missing not just #1 but also our Tommy. He is going up on Sunday to spend the time with his mama, Minnie, and his sisters and rest of the family, with Ms. A and Mr. R. Who will protect us?

I think I need to build up my strength with some forbidden food...

And nap! Mustn't forget to nap!

Have a lovely SEIturday, everyone!


  1. 9 days... that's a lot...maybe you can stay with me for that time, we could paint my crib red (or blue if you want)and we could have pj-pawties with treats and dci barnaby ;o)

  2. Hi there Sei-Chan, glad you are doing all right. Hope that Tama is feeling all right. Also hope that #1 has a good trip.

  3. We hope #1 has a safe and fun trip. We know your paws will be in good hands!


  4. Levon loves forbidden food too Sei-Chan!;p

    We know you will be in great hands! Safe travels to #1!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  5. I think forbidden food tastes the best! Maybe that is why all of us try to steal each other's food.

  6. Coucou Sei,
    Tu as bien raison. On est jamais trop prudente quand il s'agit de truc de transport ou de médicaments. C'est louche ces trucs là.
    C'est vrai que la nourriture interdite est la meilleur. Avec Hisia on voudrait bien manger les sachets pour Felix. Mais on a pas le droit. Mais on essaye quand même.
    Reposes toi bien.

  7. Oh Sie Chan, you are doing exactly the right thing - load up on food. With everyone leaving you, even tho you have reliable sitters coming in, who knows if they will remember because they only do it when they come to your house. So fortify yourself. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  8. Sweet Sei-Chan. We know that #1 has made the most wonderful arrangements for you all to be well cared for and loved in her absence. No stress allowed:) We will cross our paws to add some extra good luck.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. We're sure you kitties will be well protected with Mr. G. Tommy needs a holiday once in a while too. He is going to have a great time with his other family.

  10. WE don't blame you for being nervous Sei.
    We do not like it when one of us has to take pills they don't want to take :/
    Purrs the test results for Tama will be good.
    9 days without #1 is going to be hard!
    It's good that you like Mr G, but you are bound to miss #1 and Tommy.
    We are pretty sure you all will be OK as Mr G is pretty good at taking care of you.
    Wish #1 Bon Voyage :)

    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  11. Mee-you purrty Sei-Chan mee finkss Mistur Gee will purrtect all of youss there. Hee soundss like a reelly good Hu'man.
    An Numburr #1 will bee back befur you know it.....
    An Tommy all so.
    ***nose rubsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxx

  12. Nine days without #1? That is a long time for her to be away from you.

  13. Nine days sounds like a long time ! We know Mr G is a great cat-sitter, and will take good care of you all, but some extra-food cannot be bad, right ? Purrs

  14. HI! It will be strange without Tommy I know but I think it will all go well. Genji wants to snuggle too and Tama and Beebs. Get together in a shining warm pile.


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