Sunday, 12 March 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, the countdown to #1's departure has now officially started. She is leaving early afternoon tomorrow and we are getting in all the snuggles we can before then. We also have to snuggle with Tommy as he is leaving early afternoon today  to go and stay with his Mama, Minnie, his sisters Sophie, Lydia and Elsie, and the rest of his family.

This first picture is a big blurry, but it is me getting my snuggle brushies with the Zoom Groom, in the morning when I get my humongous Panacur pill. Thanks goodness this morning's was the last pill (not the last brushie!)...

I have also been snuggling with my Tommy as he won't be here for a bit:

This next one is not really a snuggle pic but it's a nice happy family pic of me, with Tommy next to me, and my Beebsy boy on the back of the sofa:

The Beebsy Boy has been doing is usual stuff. He is really going to miss his night-time snuggles with #1!

And he is going to be missing Tommy!

As, of course, is Sei-Chan:

I suspect the one who will miss snuggling with #1 most of all will be Genji:

We know Tommy will have a great time with his family, but he will miss giving #1 her morning kisses:

And snuggling with her on the sofa:

We will of course be getting lots of snuggles from Mr. G and Ms. N. As for the Vs, #1's friend, Ms. E, has promised to stop by with apples and carrots several times whilst she is gone. In the meantime:

#1 looks a bit weird because she was trying to stop the Big V from giving her bitey kisses rather than sloppy kisses!

Remember, Sundays are for snuggling! If your favourite people are there with you, never miss a chance to snuggle!


  1. I know you all will miss #1 lots, but I'm sure you will get in some snuggles while she is gone.

  2. We purr you all get lots of snuggles in today so #1 can remember them while she is away :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. That was sure a nice big bunch of snuggles! Y'all have a mighty fine day!!!

  4. Those are great snuggle pictures. We make sure to snuggle with each other and our pawrents every day.

  5. We're sure you'll get some snuggles from your cat/dog/horse-sitters. We wish #1 a safe trip tomorrow. Purrs

  6. Your last thought is ever so true. Our Spirit was unexpectedly helped to the bridge yesterday. One never knows when your snuggle will be the last.
    I think Genji will miss his #1 most. I'll never forget the photo of when she received him at the airport. He adored her from the moment he saw her.

  7. We have a feeling that #1 us going to be missing all those snuggles just as much as you all are. Tell her to have a safe and fun trip. Tommy, we just know you are going to have a blast at your home away from home:0

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Vidock, for pity sake. NO bitey kisses!

  9. This iss snuggullin heaven Sei Chan an thee Vidock pleeze do not nippy Numburr #1....shee iss too luvley fur nippyss'!! Mew mew mew...
    Numburr #1 wee hopes you have a good trip an come back soon.
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx an (((hugs))) LadyMum

  10. Mes can sees yous all trying to gets #1 to stay.
    Mes KNOWS she will bes missing yous as much as yous is missing her!
    Wes is sending #1 purrayers for safe travels
    Nellie Bellie

  11. Those are some great snuggles. We hope they hold you and #1 over until she returns.

  12. It looks like all you guys would be having adventures. Go for it!


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