Saturday, 4 March 2017


Sei-Chan: We have been yearning for some nice sunpuddles but they have been very elusive the past few days. It's supposed to rain tomorrow but perhaps we'll get a little one in today?

I cannot lay claim to any excitement over the past week, so I fear that the photos may be a tad boring. There is this close-up portrait to kick off with:

And then this:


And this:

It can be exhausting to be a Chan. It's important to always put one's best paw forward!


  1. While my human and I were away, it was sunny and nice in Los Angeles - we are going back this weekend, and can you believe we are bringing Vancouver rain with us!

  2. Sei-Chan you are looking mighty fine. Naps are always a good thing to do.

  3. You sure look totally happy, enjoy the sunpuddles!

  4. Napping is very important! You look terrific, Sei!

  5. Sei, we love that close up of your very pretty face and pawsome whiskers :)
    We really like your sleepy spot, it looks cozy.
    That is an impressive paw to put forward :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. we had not only one sunpuddle today... always when we tried to go out for a walk we came home as wet as river rats... it#s very april-ish outside :o)

  7. Sei-Chan, we always love seeing you in all your photos. We are quite impressed with your amazing whiskers in that first shot.

    Happy Sei-turday.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Beautiful close-up ! You look very cosy. Purrs

  9. At least you got your photos taken. My mum hasn't taken any of me lately, but she says that when the weather gets warmer we will go outdoors and take some. You look very pleased with your sun puddle.

  10. In the first photo, your #1 has done a brilliant job of capturing your beautiful and expressive face. We think this will become one of our very favorites. We also love the last because you are making the adorably unique little expression. And the one with your little sleepy face is most delightful too.

  11. I'm sorry about the lack of sun puddles but you sure are making the best of it!

  12. Those are some lovely photos of you, Sei-Chan.

  13. Bonjour Sei,
    Chez nous aussi le soleil est parti, depuis Vendredi après midi. Enfin il s'est montré un peu ce matin, mais juste un peu. Pas grave, il reviendra.
    Dormir c'est très important.
    Nous on aime beaucoup la dernière photo. Tu ressembles à une divinité féline en pleine méditation. Une très sage divinité.

  14. exhausting? yes, but EVER so worth it!


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