Monday, 6 March 2017

Manly Monday

Tommy: Woofs Everyone! Tommy here. I would like to start by thanking you all for the kind words about my sis, Tama. We will find out today what day she can go in for the tests. It will be on Wednesday or Thursday as the relevant doctor is away until then. She will let you know tomorrow in her post.

We have had seriously stinky weather lately, but #1 and I manage to find the odd sunpuddle to go out in. This one was a nice one:

And you know me I am a happy boy, no matter what!

Da Beebs; Now. Where was I?

Da Genj: Me too! Me too!

Vidock: Is Da Big V the only one doing any work around here?

We also have a couple of guests on today's blog. This guy, is Dynamic, the 2016 French Percheron Champion Stallion.  He is as studly as they come (although he can't do all the work stuff I can do!). #1 took the photo at the agricultural fair she went to last week:

And Basha asked us to include a photo of him for his lady, Loustiquette:

Have a great week, everyone.

PS: We watched the DVD of the movie of "A Street Cat Named Bob" yesterday. If you have not yet seen it, we highly recommend it!


  1. the mama awwed and ohhed as she saw dynamic... he is beautiful!!! we cross our paws and fingers for you today and we hope you come back with good news...
    we have a horrible storm and the light flares the whole time... the mama writes like a berserk to read as much posts as possible before the next power blackout...

  2. Nice seeing you boys today - please keep us posted about Tama!

  3. Glad you found the sun Tommy :)
    Vidock, you look so good working out.
    Dynamic is quite dynamic.
    Hi Basha.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Basha! Hello!! You are quite the handsome boy. Vidock...I usually have eyes only for you when it comes to Manly Monday but here is I will say hello to him as well. Basha...your Lady is fortunate to have found you But you too are fortunate to have found her! Beebs, be sure to let us know about Tama. Tommy...*smooch*

  5. We are so sorry to hear that Tama is unwell. We are sending healing purrs and hope the test results are good news. Glad you found some sun puddles.

  6. Hi Tommy, glad you found a little sun. Those You sure are some good looking horses, especially Vidock. Thanks for telling us about the 'Bob' movie. I need to get that.

  7. Some sun is better than no sun Tommy! Purrs to sweet Tama from all of us.

  8. We're glad Tama won't have to wait to long for her specialist visit. We want her to be able to enjoy her spring and summer feeling her finest.
    We're going to look for the movie. Thanks for the suggestion.

  9. Wonderful pics this Monday!
    We will all be purring for Tama. Paws crossed for a safe and uneventful trip for the both of you.

  10. Tommy, how we love seeing you in your field. And you know we have our paws crossed for Tama. Do keep us updated.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  11. Dynamic is a beautiful boy ! We cross our paws for Tama ! Purrs

  12. We missed the news about Miss Tama yesterday and have our paws crossed for her. You boys are all looking great today.

  13. Happy Monday! Mum read the books and will have to look for the movie.


  14. Tommy, Wilhelmina claims you look very handsome in both your photographs! :)

    Dynamic is formidable!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am sorry to learn that Tama Chan is coughing and sincerely hope she is going to be okay. Could it be asthma? I will cross my paws for all to be well.

  16. Bonjour les garçons,
    Dynamic il est impressionnant et absolument magnifique.
    Vous aussi vous êtes tous beaux, mais ce n'est pas pareil.
    Tommy tu es éclairé ... par la lumière divine ?
    On vous souhaite du soleil.

  17. Hmmm....
    Mes thought mes made Mommy comment on Monday, but mes gues wes did not! Mes LOVES seeing Basha (and Dynamic) along with all my other favorites!!!
    Kisses for yous Tommy, the Beebs, my special young man cat Genji and of course, Vidock!
    NYour Nellie Bellie


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