Friday, 10 March 2017

Feline Friday with Tama

Tama-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, that was quite the day! First of all, the buffet shut down on Wednesday evening at 8pm. #1 was very sweet in that, rather than lock me up in a room, she removed all food from the house for everyone at 8pm! She told me that we would be leaving before 7am yesterday morning to go and get my tests done, and at 6:45, I was waiting for her in my carrier!

We had an initial consult with a Dr. G when we arrived:

And he recommended that we start with an x-ray of the lungs and a full blood panel .

"Hmmmm.. not sure I like the way this is shaping up..."

The x-ray showed that there was serious congestion in my lungs and the decision was made that both a scan and a tracheal wash were advisable to establish the exact state of affairs and also send some bronchial liquid to a lab for analysis. This was to be done under full anesthetic, so #1 gave me a kiss and I was taken round the back. well, one does have one's pride, you know? I bit one of the vet techs in the bum and tried to make a run for it, but, alas, they caught me. A different, more senior vet, did the tests. Her first name is Morgane. Don't you think that sounds a little magical? Anypaw, I drifted off into LalaLand, and when I woke up, #1 was there, talking to me. I had a little blankie on me and was feeling pretty woozy.

You can see in that last shot, the oxygen machine that blew sweet air into my cage as I woke up. The vet said I had done really well. Here are two of my scans:
Now, let me tell you something. They say that is my insides, but here is what I see in this next one: It's the entrance to the Double-T Ranch, with a big turkey-like bird under the gateway. Don't you think so?
Kidding aside, the scans and tracheal wash did show that I have a bad infection, with some serious bronchial congestion. But we will have to wait for the results from the blood tests and sample taken from the tracheal wash to find out the exact cause. It could be bacterial or worm-related. Other than that, my general state is excellent except for slightly elevated blood sugar (which they said could be due to stress) and "advice" that I should lose some weight. Whilst we wait for the results, however, we will have to do a full-on worming regimen which will include Panacur (more familiar to horse owners, I gather!), and Stronghold. I am also being out back onto diuretics until #1 gets back from Japan as they do bring relief and, right now that is the best thing for me. The Panacur pills, which I take for three days, are huge, so #1 is relieved she will still be here to try and get them down me.

When I got home, I still had a rather fetching bandage around my arm, but it has now come off:

And, after a lovely meal, I spent the evening napping in my usual place:

Now whilst all of this torture was going on with me, Tommy was out and about with #1. They came across this place:

And this great store where # did a bit of shopping for us:

And Tommy made lots of friends in the waiting room:

And that, Dear Friends, was my big day. We are glad to have taken this major step forward in figuring out how to deal with my problem. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who took the time to cross a paw, send a vibe, or leave a sweet message. It makes a huge difference to all of us here, starting with me, Queen Tama!


  1. I hope the test results give you some more answers, Tama... but it sounds like you are already off to a good start! I'm sending healing purrs your way.

  2. Good job everyone especially you, brave Tama. We laughed when we read that you bit a vet tech on the bum. Bujang is now trying to figure out how he could do that in May when he goes for his medical check-up. Rest well. Don't worry about the 'advice'. San has not been able to get me to lose any weight.
    Representative of the amigos.

  3. What a great girl you've been! That's quite the ordeal. As for the wee bite, you just have a very developed fight or flight reflex, that's all.
    A big step forward has been made. You've got a diagnosis. The doctors can now begin to help you get well. We're keeping you in our hearts and prayers.

  4. That was some adventure that you had at the vet! We are so happy that you are home and doing well. All paws crossed and praying that you heal well and quickly. BIG hugs with love,
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  5. That was quite the day sweet Tama. We know all will get figured out and you will be on your way to all better soon!

  6. That was quite a day for you Miss Tama. We are exhausted just reading about it. We love how you gave the tech a little nip in the butt just to show them how feisty you are. It's good to know there is a course forward to hopefully a full recovery.

  7. kind of scary to see all that, but it certainly sounds like the v-e-t and #1 are on top of things for you and we are sending healing purrs to get you back to 100%


  8. It sounds as though you are now well on the way to finding the answers needed to make you feel better Tama! You were a brave girl!

    Tommy, it looks as though you had a great day :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. That was qute the day for you and #1, Tama. And we are so sorry you have such a bad infection. But at least now you know, and you can get the right course of treatment. We hope you stay well while #1 is away and are 100% Tama soon.

    Tell #1 that if she ever wants some more sloppy Husky kisses, Misty is a pro!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  10. Hope the treatment gets you all better Tama. Glad the Mom got to meet some nice dogs.

  11. I am glad that they have found what the problem is, and I hope the tests show the best way to treat it. You were very good, and I applaud you for biting the vet tech on the bum.

  12. Well, that wasn't much fun, Tama, but at least you have some answers to why you are coughing. We purr that the treatment is easy for you.

  13. What a big day you had, Tama-Chan. Glad you are home now! I hope they will figure out the exact cause and be able to help you get 100% better. Continued purrs for you! xo

  14. Bonjour Tama,
    Ici on espère que tout ces examens font donner une réponse à tes problèmes.
    C'est très compliqué et stressant quand on ne sait pas.
    Ca serait bien que ce soit des parasites, comme ça tu pourrais être débarrassée du problème avec les vermifuges.
    Moi j'ai toujours des parasites. Parfois c'est compliqué.
    Ronrons de soutien

  15. Sweet TAmi - you did a greatjob of fending off the vet techs. You shoowed them hwo is boss. I sure hope everything comes out okay for you. #1 will be back in 2 weeks, so it may seem like forever, but it isn't really that bad.

  16. Purrayers & POTP to Tama - especially with that turkey sitting in her lungs !

  17. Deerest Tama mee iss sendin you all thee POTP mee can muster fur you mee furend!!!
    Mee iss sorry you are not well butt it sounds like yur Vet'ss will figure fingss out! Good luck with thee medss; bee brave Tama can get thru this! Purromise!
    ***nose kissesss*** an LUV, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxx

  18. Tama you were so brave to go through all of that. Glad you made your statement by biting someone's bum.

  19. Tama we are really really with you every step of the way. Watching out for you each day. xox

  20. Yous guys gotted some answers. And Tama, me will not stops my purrayerss or yous yet!
    Your grrl furrend
    Nellie Bellie
    PS mes sending #1 kisses too. Mes sure she has been pretty stressed


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