Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: We had lots of sunpuddles yesterday although they will probably be a bit thin on the ground today. #1 served me my breakfast as I most prefer it, al fresco in the cat run! Overall, though, it's nicer to be indoors, close to the radiators. #1 calls this one my "sausage shot"!

And this of course is my favourite spot in the radiator hamock:

And then there is the new zabuton, although I think I look a bit pudgy in this one:

Oh, and did you see the Mother and Son picture of me and my Beebs. He looks enormous next to me but that's because he is sitting up much straighter!

We are continuing to take good care of #1. She did go to see the doctor yesterday and got some meds. She is going to be naughty and go to Paris for the day on Wednesday and we are not sure we approve...


  1. We like your sleeping positions Tama.
    It's good to hear #1 is feeling better.
    Well enough for a trip to Paris we hope.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. #1 is going to Paris and she is not even well yet? You kitties must do something about that!

  3. You need to put #1 in the carrier and make her stay in there until she is all well.

  4. I bet Paris cures just about anything, Tama! Heck, MomKatt said she'd at least give it a college try if it were her. :)

    Can I share your radiator? It's finally starting to feel like December here, MomKatt says, though they are calling for temps in the 60s on Thursday. Ugh!


  5. Let's hope that #1 has a fun and safe trip to Paris and doesn't overtax herself. Mama Tama, I know you don't always get along with your Beebs, but I adore the mother and son portrait. It's very obvious where Beebs got those amazing good looks. Your faces are nearly identical. The next time someone gushes over how handsome he is, you can feel proud and even a little smug to know that it's his Mama's genes at work.

  6. keep warm on those radiators Tama....and keep #1 from over doing it

  7. I'm so glad #1 is feeling better. You all did a good job playing nurse. Tama Chan you have so many places to snuggle and stay warm. I love the picture of you with Da Beebs. You two look the same except Beebs looks bigger in the picture. So you guys don't approve of #1's plan to go to Paris Wednesday? Remember it's very boring when you're sick. I'm glad #1 went to the Dr. The meds. will kick in and she'll feel a lot better. Have a great Tama Chan Tuesday!

  8. We're glad #1 is feeling better ! We love the picture of you and Da Beebs. Purrs

  9. Oh dear, Paris? Mom says that'll cure what ails you (MOL!)
    Lovely shots all around!!!

  10. You all must be making too good a job of nursing #1 so she is able to go to Paris. Maybe she will bring back some gifts for you.

  11. OH yes, Da Beebs does look much taller - reminds us of how Lightning looks next to Ciara. He has a long body, maybe Da Beebs does too:) Glad #1 got some meds, but tell her to take care of herself, no late nights out gallivanting:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Stay warm, keep purring on #1 and hope she feels better soonest.

  13. Disapprove! She should be at home in bed or at least keeping you kittehz warm.

  14. OH NOES! Mom and I missed this important bloggie. We are so sorry! We hope #1 gets better quickly and we read down to here so we know she has been to the Dr.,and she was not able to go to Paris. That is good in regard to her health. I am glad she is home and retesting a lot with all of you seeing to it that she does. xxoo


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