Sunday, 27 July 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Let me see, let me see… Do I have what is needed for a proper SoS post this week? Well, I did my part and snuggled a lot with Tommy!

And I also snuggled with #1 whilst I was at it:

Genji snuggled with #1:

…a lot!

And he hung out with Tommy too!

Here is My Beebs getting a little cuddle from #1 as he snoozed on the shelf above her desk:

This is rather embarrassing but Sei-Chan is MIA from this week's SoS post. On the other hand, as his family is away again (they took Fernant this time), #1 has been giving Basha lots of tummy rubs!

As for the Vs, here is Big V, Vidock, getting a big smooch from #1:

And this week's selfie with Violette!

Gentle Readers, I had better warn you. There probably won't ben SoS post next Sunday. #1 is heading off to England for a few days on Wednesday. She should be back next Sunday, but there in no guarantee at this stage. You know how much we hate it when she leaves but this time, there is no helping it. The Big Cat needs to be laid to rest and replaced with something more robust, so please cross your paws for her!


  1. Although I missed Sei, I loved seeing Basha! I hope the Big Cat will have a funeral with honors - it worked hard in its prime!

  2. You all have those great snuggles going on. Great pictures. Hope it goes well with the Big Cat.

  3. Hello Basha. It's good to see you again. We love seeing you guys snuggling and of course we miss Sei- chan.

  4. Happy snuggles everywhere!!! Tell #1 we are sending tons of purrs for just the right choice!

  5. That is a lot of snuggles! Have a great Sunday and a safe trip!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. This is a good Snuggly Sunday guys! Hope you all have a great day!
    Marty and Mom

  7. We hope everything goes well for the Big Cat ! We wish #1 a good trip to England ! Purrs

  8. As always our Sunday feels happier after seeing your awesome snuggles. We wish #1 a great trip and hope she finds a suitable replacement for the Big Cat.

  9. What will I do without my Snuggles on Sunday?! I better get them in while I can... Rubs noses with Violette and Vidock before heading over to the house...

  10. Que le "big cat" repose en paix ... il est temps.
    Tommy n'a pas l'air hyper convaincu du câlin de Tama. Il a un air très très digne.
    Genji est ... aussi "envahissant" que sa cousine. Mais c'est tellement agréable.
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  11. R.I.P., Big Cat, and good luck to #1 on her mission to find a replacement.

    Ciara is trying to convince Mom that she wants to snuggle with her right now, but Mom knows she is just being very antsy and anxious - silly girl!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Pawsome snuggles!!!!
    We love the Basha belly rub too ;)
    We purr all goes well on #1's trip
    and a new "cat" will be found :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. As always a lovely snuggle post. We have to say we really love #1 with Violette.

  14. Good luck in finding a replacement for the big cat. In whatever photos it appeared, it seemed to be in fine condition. We'll always remember it with the back seat filled with Tommy's relatives.

  15. Yes, those are some proper snuggles!

  16. Poor Maui is heartbroken! But we enjoyed all the rest of the snuggles. Sayonara, Big Cat...

  17. Lovely snuggsles. Hope #1 finds a good replacement for the big cat.

  18. OH NOES! I didn't know The Big Cat remained with the sickies. The garage did not help sufficiently. :-( But all of you, #1 will come back with a new carriage for you all (except the V's) and some treats!!!

  19. We are trying to catch up over here at Fabulousflo... I love the snuggly pics but my goodness me Miss Violette, what an ENORMOUS (but decidedly gorgeous) head you have! :) xx


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