Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thankful Thursday

Bibi-Chan: I think we have told you many times that I like to sleep under the covers with #1. Sei-Chan sleeps on the bed, and Genji has a little bed by #1's pillow. Tommy's bed is on the floor, at the side of the bed, so #1 can reach down and give him scritches when she's in bed. The one member of our Gang who is usually absent from this scenario is my Mama Tama who, as Queen of the Gang, does not sleep with her subjects.So, #1 and all of us were very thankful this morning when we woke up to see that our Queen Tama was with us!

Here she is, perched on the radiator, and I am peeking out from under the covers:


#1 says those are the most thankful mornings, the rare times that she wakes up and we are all there with her!

Sei-Chan and Genji contemplating getting up...

Me determined to stay in bed as long as possible:

Tommy on his bed (that matches his furs!):

It's good to wake up together!


  1. How nice for #1 to have a snuggle pile and it was almost a full house - just Tommy needs to get up on the bed to make it complete.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Gracie and Tma must be sisters from another mother because she never sleeps in the bed with me and the boys... until all of a sudden last week she's been sleeping on the blanket I keep on the other side of the bed!


    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  3. We three kitties sleep on the bed with the humans. In fact, my human has to make sure we are all accounted for before bedtime, so it is just easier for us to come to bed instead of being hunted for!

  4. How wonderful to wake up together! Tommy's pic is adorable. Looks like Mama-Tama has the warmest seat in the house! Happy Thursday!

  5. I agree, waking up together is wonderful!! Tommy seems verrry relaxed :-)

  6. This was a very cheering post today. We loved it. And Tommy Tommy, you sleep so darn cute, My Vickie wants to just grab you and hug your little face forever.


  7. Love Tama laying on the towel on the radiator. And Tommy "paws up" on his fur-matching bed.

  8. What a very sweet and loving post! We bet #1 had a very big smile on her face when she woke to greet the day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. I love to snuggle with my mommy and daddy in the morning too. They tell me that I'm just like my angel sister Nina in that regard. Tommy you look so cute with your paws in the air like that.


  10. I Ducky love to sleep with mum, actually I sleep on top of her! Derby just wanders by when he hears mum getting up, then he collects his good morning pets.

  11. We can't think of a better way to start the day than to wake up to your five sweet precious faces. We love the cute pictures of all of you in your snuggly beds.

  12. Our mom knows how you feel! She loves it when she wakes up and both of us are sleeping with her.

  13. That is cool! We loves it when all of us sleeps in the same room.


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