Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sorry SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, I was hoping that this would be a calmer post than last week's but it seems that it will not. So, please look at me now as I have something important to say:

All of us here at the Poupounette deeply dislike guns and we do not think that people should be able to buy them so easily and then wreak havoc on their communities. We say "rubbish" to that oft-repeated saying that it's people who kill people and not guns. Folks, it's people with guns. We believe in making purrs, not war, and if you disagree with us, we do not want to be in a position to shoot you! What is the point of collective hand-wringing after the event when nothing seems to be done successfully to prevent the problem in the first place? Enough said.

In better news, we are relieved that our "V" siblings have been settling well into their new digs, even though #1 ends up spending a lot more time in her car to go see them. #1 brought a whole lot of their stuff back to their house when they left their previous digs, and I immediately placed my seal of approval on this:

This wonderful soft bed is in fact a pile of of the leg protections the Vs use when they travel in a van or trailer!

Now here is a shot of me one morning as I waited patiently with my siblings for our morning treats:

But guess what? I scored really big-time yesterday on the treats front. Look what I happened upon, by sheer luck!

OK, so #1 only let me have a couple of licks, but was it yummy!!!

Wishing you a sweet and gentle SEIturday.


  1. On the subject of guns, I'm with the gang at Poupounette Central - more purrs and an end to the violence.

  2. We agree about the guns! Why do people have them we wonder. The power of the PURR is much more powerful.

    The amigos and san

  3. We do so agree with you about the guns. It appears to be an evil box that cannot be shut now. Our humans do not have any guns and never intend to own any, but so many feel that if there are criminals and crazy people out there who already DO have them, then they ought to be able to get them too to protect themselves! The terrible thing about this tragedy is that apparently the guns used belonged to the perpetrator's mother and were legally owned. Why on earth would a middle aged woman own an assault rifle (even though it was not used in the shooting).

  4. We khonkhur furry furry much -

    As we were falling off to sleep last night, Mom had the furry smart Rachel Maddow on - she was showing data about khountries with large amount of guns but with very very few shootings -

    We also khontinue to khwestion why assault type guns are needed by the general population -

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy! My weekend with my #1 starts in less than twelve hours!

  5. Well said, #1! LSBnWNC

  6. Well said, Sei-Chan. Also, well-played with the leg protectors and the bowl of yummy looking stuff! You did score big. Happy Caturday. XOXO

  7. I think the issue with most folks is that the people don't want government stepping in and taking away another one of our freedoms. They've done it already with so many other things - just look at breed specific legislation. They took away our right to own certain breeds of dogs in some areas. ...and truthfully, anything can be used as a weapon. I'm not for or against, I'm just trying to see it from both sides. I am deeply saddened by what happened yesterday, our hearts are broken.


  8. We are very upset as well. {{hugs}}

  9. Thank you, Sei.

  10. We're with you on the guns. We don't understand human politics (nor does Äiti) but we know guns kill. Okay, if we had a bear running after us we can see a gun might help. We also have problems with school shootings here.

    We are deeply saddened by what has happened and send our sympathies to all those far more directly affected than us. Purrs to you all.

  11. We are so sad too about all those lives lost and wasted by a stupid person. We understand that sometimes it is necessary to shoot a large animal that is sick but that is to save it from suffering but those children had done nothing. What an evil person - may he rot in hell.
    Hannah and Lucy's Mum Sue

  12. While we agree with you about the guns, we think that the problem goes deeper than that. How is that a young 24 year old could be in such pain that the only action he could take was to kill a bunch of kindergarteners and his mother that day? How as a culture did we manage to miss the signs of his pain? Maybe we ought to start teaching our children to value humans and their gifts more than money and things. That's what we're angry about.

  13. I hate to talk about controversial things that do not involve us kitties, but I have to agree, and add that the humans in my country that fight against proper gun regulation must love guns more than they love their children. And that is a terrible thing.

  14. We agree about guns.

    We stopped by to say thank you for your kind words of sympathy in the loss of our Joey.

  15. Yup. Too many guns. In a violent country, to boot. Pandora's box was opened a long time ago. We need more common sense regulation but both political parties are bought and paid for (and not only on this issue).

    Love the photos. Is that some whipped cream?!

  16. We couldn't agree more with you all, we can't understand how after each horrendous tragedy - lots of talk happens but never any action. We sincerely hope that this time President Obama decides to take on the NRA and brings some real change before his presidency ends. It has been totally heartbreaking watching the news here and trying to explain what is happening to Murray is very difficult.

    We hope you all have extra snuggles tomorrow to show us.

    take care
    Clive & Co

  17. We also agree that guns = trouble.
    We also agree with Chey. It is all very sad.
    Sei, we like your "bed" and your luck at getting a few licks of #1's ice cream ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  18. We are purring for all those affected by the tragic and senseless event yesterday. It so very sad. We agree with you, Sei-Chan. Guns should not be so easy to get.

    But we're glad you got a couple of licks there...yum!

  19. Why the need for guns? Ever? If people were taught to value All life , Always, and communication was the ONLY answer, what a different world we would live in. In the meantime, background checks and strident laws so that not every malcontented youth can turn around and destroy not only innocent lives, but utterly shatter and destroy the lives of parents, family and friends who are left to cope with the senselessness of such a selfish, hateful act.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. Horrific tragedy. It's time to stop pandering to the big $$$ special interest groups and put an end to the madness.
    I watched an FBI profiler talk about the young males that seem to be the perpetrators of these type of crimes. We all wonder how could anyone do such a thing. The profiler said these are individuals that have complete lack of empathy, compassion. They feel society owes
    them. How frightening

  21. All here couldn't agree more with your thoughts on guns. Such a horrific thing to happen, and the impact it has on so very many will be felt for years and years to come. Very sad that no one was able to help this young man.

    On a happier note, we vote for whipped cream for all - and whole bowlfuls.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Yeah, we agrees, the stupid gun culture in Mericky has to end. No reason for anyone to have automatic weapons. We don't live in the 19th century, out in the wilderness trying to be safe. Mental health care needs to be easier to get than guns.

  23. You sure did score. And yes, what a tragedy
    Benny & Lily

  24. Anything can be used as a weapon, but nothing can do as much damage or in as short a time as a gun. Guns have only one purpose, to kill - and the freedom for anyone to carry them anywhere, anytime, needs to be taken away so that little ones can enjoy the most important freedom of all, the freedom to live.


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