Saturday, 8 December 2012

SEiturday Strop

Sei-Chan: On this SEIturday, all of us kitties at Poupounette Central are in a strop over what we see as an unpardonable slight towards our Tommy. Friends, we received our Secret Paws package yesterday and the contents totally ignored the existence of Tommy! Even the card didn't mention him (or the Vs!) Can you believe that? We certainly do not expect anyone to send stuff for the Vs, given the enormous size it would entail, but ignoring our Tommy is not on. Even just a tennis ball would have been nice. As it is, he got nothing and we are ignoring the rest, plus the box was too small to play in, and there was no giftwrap. Honestly! We are not amused!

Right, now that I've gotten that off my chest, what else do I have to tell you? We had snow yesterday morning and  everyone piled out into the run. I took one look...

...and headed for warmer digs!

#1 has been catching up on work and other stuff (including getting our own Secret Paws package ready to ship today), and I have been supervising:

Whilst on the desk, I thought I would give that new "overlook" basket a try...

Really very pleasant!

I would like to leave you with this parting thought: We at Poupounette Central are a family, and we always stand together! In the words of that great French writer, Alexandre Dumas, "Tous Pour Un et Un Pour Tous" which of course translates as "All For One and One For All"!


  1. O dear. We are sorry that the Secret Paws package was not what it should be but the new basket looks like fun. I told san we shud go to France and see the exact same snow but san says snow should be the same effurywhere. She showed us some snow on the puter!! THAT is not the same. Sometimes these human beans are too simple....

    Tanaka and the amigos minus san

  2. Well, we have never participated in Secret Paws but this made us curious so we went to the instructions page from Truffle and Brûlée at
    and the instructions do refer just to kitties. It is a pity that Tommy is disappointed, but we are sure whoever sent the package and left him out did not intend to slight anyone.

  3. Sei-Chan you look very cosy in that furry bed and it will keep your toesies warm.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. We regulars know Tommy is a huge part of the gang, but perhaps your Secret Paws hadn't done any research, and also only wanted to honour the felines, not understanding how life is at Poupounette Central. We can send you some more snow - very happily - from here: plenty to go round, even for the V's.

  5. Aw, poor Tommy! I'm sure he would be happy knowing his feline family is happy!


  6. I know Tommy will forgive whoever forgot to include a little something for him. I'm sure they were only thinking "cats" and didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

    When I first visited your site some years back, I was really only interested in the cats. It took me a while to get to know Tommy and see the "whole" family. And the Violette and Vidock. Now I love them all.

  7. My goodness--could Tommy's be coming in another package? That is horrible that he was left out! We think you are doing a fine job of snoopervising your own.

  8. Oh NOES! We hope it was an honest error...we know that Tommy is really the glue of your whole family.

  9. That cozy bed looks much preferable to that snow. Even the overlook box looks snuggly. How did Violette and Vidock weather that snow? Did they get a nice romp through it?

  10. I am so sad to hear that your Secret Paws was a disappointment! I am hoping that maybe that they are just sending Tommy's, and perhaps Vidock and Violette's, in a separate package. I did get two packages one year, because part of it had to be shipped separately.

  11. Oh, sorry that Tommy was forgotten, hope it was just a kittie purrson who didn't know what to get a woofie.

    Mum said she would even send something for the V's. Like peppermint candies for them to crunch.

  12. We feel certain absolutely no slight was meant to Tommy, and hope he and the V's will forgive the sender of this package. They must be feeling very badly now :(

  13. We feel badly that Tommy was left out but we don't know the circumstances surrounding the sender. Maybedad a previous poster said, maybe they were thinking only "cats". People try the best they can and mean well. We know that Tom's feelings are hurt but so now may be the feelings of the sender that meant no disrespect and may have done as well as he/she were able. Isn't it the participation and comraderie that really counts rather than the actual gifts? We have never done Secret Paws because we don't have a blog but we would love to send something for Tommy.

  14. Me, too!! I simply cannot imagine that anyone participating in the Secret Paws had not known about, or did their 'homework' and looked at Poupounette Central's website :(.
    Certainly a treat for Tommy and yes some nice horsie treats could certainly have been included!
    I feel awful for Tommy and all of you as even though I'm fairly new here I know what a very special family you all are TOGETHER!
    I send extra hugs and love for Tommy and the V's!


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