Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Bibi-Chan: Today, December 4th 2012, is my THIRD BIRTHDAY! This is officially known as "BEEBSDAY" and gives rise to much rejoicing at Poupounette Central.

I hold a  special place among the kitties of the Poupounette Gang because I am the only "home-grown" kitty here. I was born at Dr. C's because my Mama Tama had to have a Caesarian but I came home when I was about five hours old and I have been here ever since. I was supposed to leave and go to a different Forever Home but I decided that #1 would be my Forever #1 and made sure I stayed!

There are so many pictures of me in the album that choosing a few (!) for this post has been really hard. But let us start with my official third birthday portrait:

I hope you like my bib and tucker. It comes from a great Etsy shop in Canada called Snoop CattyCat!

But let us go back to the beginning, shall we? Here I am with my three siblings aged one week:

And playing pattycakes with my Mama Tama aged about four weeks:

Learning to play with a wand at about six weeks. That's my brother GoGo-Chan on the right!

Here is Mama-Tama showing me the big outside world from the window at ten weeks

It was already quite clear how handsome I would be!

Here I am, at just over three months, with my big brother Yuu-Chan. He looked after me so well once Mama-Tama decided she was done with mothering. I was devastated when he went to the Bridge.

Of course, my other bestest friend, then and now, was Tommy! He always was happy to play, and offered a safe place to nap!

Here I am, at around the time of my first birthday, playing with toys #1 had brought me back from Japan:

At about 18 months, handsomer than ever!

Coming up to my second birthday

You all know that I am a real outdoor guy:

And that I am an escape artist who performs under the stage name of HOUBIBI!

And here I am on my second birthday!

I am lucky to have a little brother I can wrestle with:

 My life feels like one long sunpuddle!

I feel so lucky that I still share my days with both my #1 and my Mama-Tama!

 Purrs to all of you from the happiest Beebs ever!

For those of you who have read thus far, there is a little bonus! We are holding a draw of the names in today's comments and the winner will be sent our 2013 Poupounette Desk Calendar plus a goodie bag. We will ship anywhere in the world, so don't hesitate to leave a comment!


  1. Wow! You are very special indeed! You just knew you had been home all along didnt you? Happy birthday and we wish you a gazillion more!

    Pibble sugars,
    Brinks and bella

  2. HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Bibi !!!!!!!!!!!! You are a special kitty and a very handsome Mancat! You have a wonderful family and we can see how happy your life is :)
    Now, let's party!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  3. Happy Purrthday Bibi! Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures with us. You just knew where you belonged from the beginning. Enjoy your special day with your family!
    Tasha & Buddy

  4. Happy Birthday, we are still trying to recover from the baby pictures. You were so CUTE and you grew up to be such a handsome fellow.Your official portraits in your bib and tucker have us drooling. Mommy thinks you looks like the cat version of Bond, James Bond.

    Hope you have a wonderful day full of treats, and sunshine.

  5. Happy Birthday, Bibi! We sure enjoyed seeing all your pictures...'specially your baby ones! And you look mighty handsome in your birthday portrait!

    We hope you have a wonderful day!!

  6. Happy 3rd birthday,Bibi-Chan sir! Those photos are just so adorable. Äiti's gone all gooey. She has a major softspot for abys. We think it amazing you have been at Popupounette Towers since you were five hours old. Wow! And why do you want to escape ?! It looks heavenly.
    So we wish you all the very bestest birthday wishes.

  7. Happy, happy birthday Bibi - we have been watching you for quite a long time and enjoy seeing you. We hope you have a lovely birthday with your favourite dinner and lots of lovely presents. Your Mama Tama Chan has brought you up to be a lovely young gentleman.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Happy Birthday, Bibi-Chan

  9. One big Happy Birthday to you Bibi-Chan. You are just so handsome and we are thrilled that you got to stay with #1. We would love to have one of your calendars. Hope you have a wonderful day with tons of good treats and some good snuggles too. Take care.

  10. Happy birthday, Bibi! Such a wonderful post, to see all those gorgeous photos of you.

    We hope you have a fabulous celebration, filled with cuddles and treats...and maybe a few presents too!

  11. Happy Birthday Bibi! Our Mom let out the loudest squeeeee when she saw your baby pics! You've grown up to be a very handsome ManCat and we love your official birthday picture!!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Happy Purrfday HouBibi!!!! You is mine escape hero!! And the mom lady person thinks that you are very much handsome!!!! We hopes you has the best purrfday EFUR - Billy

  13. Happy Beebsday Houbibi!!!!!!!

    You are a special boy...oh so handsome, but....

    Whoa...pattycakes with your mama?


  14. Happy birthday to Bibi-Chan! What a great set of pictures. They certainly show your growth from kitten to handsome man cat. Many, many more happy birthdays to you in the years to come!

  15. So very handsome! Happy Birthday, darling Bibi-chan!

  16. Happy 3rd Birthday, Bibi-Chan! We all just about fainted from the cuteness of your baby kitten pictures!

  17. Happy Bibi Day!!!

    Of khourse, there will be



  18. Happy Birthday sweet adorable Bibi. We love all the photos and especially your birthday portrait. Purrs from us both and love from our mom xxx

  19. Happy Birthday handsome Bibi! Obviously your handsomeness started when you were just a wee lad. Have a pawsome day! XOXOXO

  20. Happy 3rd Beebsday!!!! We have no doubt that #1 knew what she was doing when you convinced her to let you stay. :)

  21. Happy Birthday Bibi-Chan! Woo are a furry majestic kitteh!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  22. Yes, you are so handsome. Thanks for sharing such fun photos with everybuddy. Happy 3rd Birthday, Bibi-Chan.

  23. So very beautiful! never seen such beautiful cats! the coat is so different! i love it! :) happy beebsday x

  24. Happy Birthday to you! And how dapper you look in your bib and collar! I'm impressed.

  25. I will tell you truthfully and sincerely, momma here got happy tears in her eyes reading this and seeing it. She held me more tightly and kissed me too too much! Why? Because she enjoyed seeing the love that you enjoy, Bibi-Chan and all of your pictures with your Mama-Tama. Seeing you with your beloved Yuu-Chan just made us both smile

    Happy Birthday dear one and you look so smart in your best bib and tucker. You are a sunpuddle for #1 to enjoy. xoxox

  26. Happy Beebsday, sweet Bibi-Chan. Your photos are lovely and you look very dapper in your bib and collar. We hope you have a wonderful day filled with sunpuddles, kisses and love. Purrs...

  27. Happy Birthday Bibi-Chan. Your baby pictures are adorable and you have grown into a very handsome mancat.

  28. Happiest Beebsday, Bibi-Chan!!! You look magnificient in your official portrait picture. You sure grew into one fine mancat. We are looking forward to many more sun-puddle filled years with you.
    Siena & Chilli

  29. Happy Houbibi Birthday, honey pie! You are just a delight! I ♥♥♥ your Houbibi Bib! Quite dapper!

  30. Happy Birthday beautiful Beebs!!! So many delightful pictures of your fabulous self, we enjoyed every one of them!!! We love your bib and bow tie too :-)

  31. All those photos were WONDERFUL.
    And, to get the special bonus at the end! Wheeee!

  32. Happy birthday, Bibi! #1 is certainly very lucky that you chose to stay with her! I see that you all already know I have an award for you!

  33. Happy Birthday gorgeoud Beebs! You are a handsome lad and I remember when you joined the gang. Mama Tama had a hard time of it at first and I was so relieved when she loved her babies! Great job Tama, #1 and sweet Uncle Tommy, you guys rock!

  34. Happy Beebsday to you. I loved the trip down memory lane. It made my mommy go squee!


  35. Happy Purrthday!!!

    Meowm says she must visit more often to look at your handsomeness!

  36. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, precious Beebs, and many happy returns of the day. Such an adorable kitty, you were. Goodness! But of course you would grow into such a handsome man cat.
    Have a wonderful day, sweetheart. We are sending our love and purrs across the miles to you. God bless you, dear.
    Love from Kari, Gran (grandmother) and us cats.
    P.S. Squeeeeeeee! More baby pix, please!

  37. Happy HouBiBiBirthday!!! It's so hard to think that it's been three years already since you were such a tiny (and cute!) tot. How time flies...just like you, bounding for freedom!

    Enjoy your day and we suspect you will be spoilt to death, as you rightly deserve.

    Hope you had, I mean I know you had a purrfect birthday with #1 and your furry famly :)

  39. Happy 3rd Beebsday, Bibi-Chan! I could look and your kitten pictures all day long! My mom is just about dying from the cuteness! We hope you have a wonderful birthday :D

  40. Happy happy birthday Bibi-Chan! Oh my gosh were you a cutie pie! And still are! purrs and snuggles!

  41. Happy Beebsday, Bibi-Chan! We nearly fainted from the cuteness of your kitten picture! We are very glad you chose such #1 to be your Forever #1, and we're so glad she has helped you share your exciting adventures with us. We hope you have a wonderful day.

  42. Happy, happy, happy third birthday, Bibi-Chan. You are one handsome boy, but we can't help but smile at the adorable cuteness of that patty-cake pic - just so sweet. We hope that you have a wonderful year ahead of you with no Houbibi stunts:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  43. Happy 3rd Beebsday, lovely Beebs! We are sure you had a wonderful day, how could you not? Thanks for sharing the early photos. You were so cute and handsome (are still are). Thanks for the giveaway. We hope we win so we can see your handsome face here.

  44. Lady Catherine Bastet5 December 2012 at 14:09

    Happy Happy Birthday Bibi-Chan! You're a beautiful, playful and loving boy. Mom's thankful she's followed since your birth, and I'm thankful that she introduced me when I arrived at my forever home. Is it possible to order a Poupounette Calendar and pay delivery ourselves? We'd *love* to have one, purrs and snuggles, Katie

  45. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you handsome lovely man-cat. I remember very well when you were a fresh little baby-chan. It was in fact, your tiny adorable self (plus the other baby-chans) who got me reading this blog. Followed a link to see how awfully cute you were and stayed because I fell in love with your whole family. You're the tops, Beebs!!!!

  46. Happy Belated 3rd Birthday Bibi!!!!!!

    We loved looking at all your pics, such a handsome fella!

    Big purrs,
    The Sumac kitties

  47. Happy Birthday, Sweet Bibi-Chan. You grow more handsome every year.

    Violette, I am sure that they will love you at the new place. You ave nothing to worry about.


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