Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: After some lovely weather in late September, things have definitely turned autumnal. It poured with rain all day yesterday. I still demanded to be let out into the run so I could check for myself whether it was raining there too. Sadly it was. Sigh.... So in the absence of outdoor activities, the next best thing is to supervise #1's work:

In this, I was not alone...

#1 would just like to mention that she spent yesterday cleaning her desk and it does not look like that anymore (everything is on the floor instead, he he he....).

Now let's zoom out a little further...

I bet you're wondering where THE BIBI is? Actually, he was in the hammock you can see in the top left corner of the photo.

We just wanted to mention also that our Yuu-Chan is back home at last and resting in peace, next to Sen-Chan, in the garden he loved so much:

In case you are wondering, it is legal in France to bury a pet at home, as long as the animal weighs less than 30kg (66lb) and the land belongs to you.

#1 has decided that Yuu-Chan's last, beautiful collar, would be her new everyday bracelet:

Bibi is desperately trying to catch the mouse on the screen (when he does, he licks it... sigh...) so we will leave it at this for today.


  1. It is lovely to use Yuu-Chan's collar as a bracelet. The bright colours certainly suited him well :)

    Tama-Chan, I like to go out even when it's raining, too. I was whinging at the door all through a storm the other day!

  2. That is nice that you are all hanging out together in #1's office. Stay dry!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. what a lovely way to remember yuu-chan!

  4. Our weather is turning Fall-like too. We may actually get some rain tomorrow. Blah.

    We are glad Yuu-Chan is at rest in his beloved garden. We know his spirit is everywhere!

    Hopefully your weather will clear and everycat (and Tommy) will get to play in the sun soon.

  5. How lovely to wear Yuu-Chan's last collar every day - a lovely memory.
    Thanks for showing us Yuu-Chan's resting place in a garden that he had so loved and how fitting he is with Sen-Chan.

  6. The weather is definitely turning autumnal here too. Thank goodness, as it has been extraordinarily hot lately.

    We love #1's new bracelet. It's a fitting tribute to Yuu-chan!

  7. We think #1's new bracelet is great. We should take a good photo of Georgia's resting place too.

    It looks like you had quite a lot to snoopervise as #1 cleaned off that desk!

  8. We are glad Yuu-Chan is back with you in the garden he loved. And it is a wonderful idea to wear his collar as a bracelet.

    We are sorry the weather is getting bad there - maybe it will get sunny and warmer a bit before the winter comes. But it is good that you are helping #1 with her work!

  9. That was my weather on Monday as well!

    Of khourse, I did a bit of my Princess RainKhloud work but after a furiend of Mom's left, we went fur a ride to entertain me a bit!

    Welkhome home to Yuu-Chan...we think the bracelet is a pawesome way to keep him khlose to #1's heart!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  10. Now that was one great idea - the collar/bracelet is perfect!!!

    So there goes Bibi-Chan again - the little rascal:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. There is really nowhere better than the desk when our humans are working on the computer.

    Sweet Yuu-Chan - welcome home.

  12. Our Stevie is buried in our yard, too. His grave looks a lot like Yuu-Chan's. It's not legal here to do that - we don't think. But Stevie did not like to leave home for anything and since he passed away here at home there was no way anyone was making him leave at that point.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  13. We are glad to hear that you have your sweetie home with you now.

  14. Wearing Yuu's collar as a bracelet is a wonderful way to keep him close.

  15. We think wearing Yuu-Chan's collar everyday will keep him even closer to you!!

  16. The Bibi made us laugh thinking about him leaving little kitty tongue marks on #1's computer monitor. Yuu-Chan's collar makes a lovely bracelet and a beautiful reminder of sweet Yuu-Chan.

  17. My human always makes my desk look like your human's! Sometimes it looks like that AND there is stuff on the floor too.

    That is a nice idea, wearing Yuu-Chan's collar as a bracelet.

  18. Our Daddy & your #1 must have gone to the same office school!
    heh heh.

    We're happy Yuu-Chan is home where he loved to be so much. The collar is a wondeful bracelet.

  19. What a wonderful keepsake of little Yuu-Chan.

    Your house looks SO FUN!!! We're bugging rumblemum for hammocks...

  20. We got a bit weepy over the bracelet ~ it is such a beautiful thing to do. We are so glad he is home where he belongs. ((((hugs))))

  21. Hi Tama-Chan, Tiny here....thanks for showing us around your place...so interesting to see how other cats live. I am really envious of your sky hammock..must be great to be able to get away FROM IT ALL!! haha! Mom almost started to cry when I told her that your #1 is wearing Yuu-Chan's last collar as a bracelet...she thinks that is so incredibly touching...but also must be very difficult. We continue to purr for all of you so that you find happiness after Yuu-Chan's departure...he was a great guy, but I don't need to tell you that!! We think of him often and it always brings tears to Mom's eyes. Purrs, Tiny (and Lautrec and the crazy woof)

  22. That was a beautiful post. We are glad that Yuu-chan is at home and in his garden, and that your #1 is wearing his collar as a bracelet. That is the sweetest thing!
    Your house looks like so much fun. We need hammocks here too!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  23. May he rest in peace and I think it is beautiful that #1 is wearing that a bracelet.

  24. Oh my, sweet Yuu-Yuu. Home again for ever. We love how #1 is wearing your surfer dude collar as a bracelet. She loves you dearly and so do we.


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