Sunday, 3 October 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

As Sei-Chan said yesterday, we have all been doing our bit to help #1 and ourselves through the loss of our beloved brother, Yuu-Chan. So, we have been spending even more time than usual snuggling this past week.

I had a mega-snuggle session with my sister, Sei-Chan:

Bibi-Chan had his usual snuggles with Tommy:

And he also snuggled with #1

As did Tommy:

We don't want to seem morbid but we do have one last photo of Yuu-Chan to share with you. On one of his final times out in the garden, #1 put her hand out to him and, as he always did, he put his paw on it. She managed to get a picture which she will of course always treasure.

Remember to give everyone you love a big snuggle today!


  1. Thankyou for sharing the picture of Yuu-Chan. We don't think it seems morbid. It looks like it was a sweet moment, and I imagine Yuu-Chan would be happy knowing you are able to remember him with smiles.

    Keep up the good snuggles, everybuddy :)

  2. Those are all very yummy snuggle shots. Seems like the sunggles are getting tighter as the weather cools down a bit?

    The picture with Yuu-Chan and his paw resting on your hand is so precious. I think morbid would be being UNABLE to look at it or post it, not the other way round. As far as I am concerned you can post a pic of Yuu-Chan every day or week!

    Mom keeps reminding me that Yuu-Chan wore a Puppia harness in his outside photos when she tries to get me accustomed to my new harness. I am still acting a bit wierdies in it, but less than in my green harness.

  3. That is a wonderful picture of Yuu-Chan. We think it would look lovely in a frame.

  4. What a lot of lovely snuggle pictures. I love them all.

  5. Fantastic snuggle shots, and Yuu-Chan's paw of friendship is just precious. Sometimes it really pays to have the camera around......

  6. Snuggles are good...they make you feel better no matter what! And we love that photo of Yuu-Chan. It is something to be treasured!

  7. The picture of Yuu-Chan with his paw in #1's hand has made mum go all teary again - it is a lovely picture and one we think that will be treasured.
    We are delighted that everyone had a good snuggle today.

  8. That is such a precious picture of Yuu-Chan holding paw/hands with #1! It is not morbid at all, it's a sweet precious memory of a lovely boy we will always treasure.

    Purrs to you on this snuggly Sunday!

  9. We absolutely love all the snuggle pictures today, especially the paw to hand photo with Yuu-chan. We agree with the others, it is very sweet and not morbid at all

    9 and Chani

  10. There is certainly nothing morbid about posting photos of Yuu-Chan. We hope that you continue to post photos of him whenever you see fit.

    We are sending e-snuggles from California to you all.

    By the way, I do "do" Valerian, but I practice much more self-control than Busby! xo, Raymond

  11. THAT pikh is so so WAY special!

    We are so happy woo shared it!

    It reminds Mom of the one she had with Kyrye's paw on her hand -

    Definitely a purry special moment!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Woo are looking furry handsome as always!

  12. I loved that picture of Yuu-chan :3

    I don't snuggle that much, but I will try, just for you!

  13. Thanks for reminding us to take time to snuggle every day!

  14. What a wonderful pic of Yuu-Chan. For somebody who just discovered this blog, I so enjoy seeing pictures of him. You guys sure know how to snuggle.

  15. Good plan. Snuggling together is good for the heart
    Benny & Lily

  16. What a lovely picture and memory of Yuu-Chan. We are so sorry for your loss.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  17. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful, tender pictures. Grief is such an odd bug, it often strikes when you least expect it and it's sting is not so sharp when shared. Your loving family brings back so many wonderful memories of our dear friends who are over the rainbow, sunning themselves and waiting patiently for us. Fara, Figaro, Fresca, Frisco, Fiona & Fabian (our feline friends) are surely extending their paws to Yuu-Chan, while our beautiful Phoenix brings us joy here & now. Your friend in WNC.

  18. So many priceless photos to cherish. That one of Yuu-Chan and #1's hand is beautiful.

    Happy Snuggle Sunday to all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. You all are doing such a splendid job snuggling one another.

    The photo of Yuu-Chan is wonderful. He was a special guy and we miss him, too. Mommy says thanks for posting it.

  20. Oh look at you all Snuggling. What a we sweet photo of Yuu-Chan too!

  21. Lots of wonderful Sunday snuggling photos there! The last photo of Yuu-Chan is so special - we are very glad you shared it with us.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  22. Aww, Mom and I see you have changed your banner. It is sad that Yuu-Chan is no longer in it, but the new banner is very beautiful.

    Hugs and purrrrrrs

  23. I shall snuggle my little heart out today and cherish every moment!

  24. Taking the time to snuggle my furry darlings today. Snuggles can cure so many things. Bibi has become quite the mancat, in the pic with #1 I thought it was Tama for a minute. I am so very glad you posted that pic of Yuu-chan. It is in no way morbid, its comforting and the picture is so very special. It brought a fresh tear to my eye. What a sweet kitty he was.

  25. Sweetest post! SnuggleFest all around. What a great set of pics & Yuu's little paw - Such a lover! We love seeing pics of him - Always.

    Purrzzzzz & Woofs,

    Ps That Tommy is such a charming dog.

  26. That is a very, very special photo of Yuu-Chan. It's not morbid to share it at all. It's very sweet, and I think it is probably one of the ways #1 remembers him best.

  27. We love all your pictures and what a wonderful way you have been cheering up #1. That picture with Yuu-chan and #1 holding hands is just so special and we are so glad that you got to snap it!!

  28. Snuggles help heal broken hearts, we know they keep on doing it and you all will feel better...


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