Sunday, 10 October 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - The Mostly Tama Edition!

As the reigning Queen of Poupounette Central, I have occasionally been called a little distant. It seems I have always been like that, ever since I was a tiny kitten. I like to do my own thing, although my family is very important to me. It has not escaped my attention, however, that #1 needs me at the moment, and I have been making every effort to fill her life with my love. The other evening, as she watched TV, I hopped up onto the back of the sofa, and gradually came closer...

I stayed like that with her all evening, and you know what? I really enjoyed it!

I have also been doing quite a bit of snuggling with Tommy lately:

Believe it or not, I was even in a group snuggle with Tommy and that Bibi of mine!

And exchanged a few snuggles with Sei-Chan:

Sei-Chan, of course, just LOVES to snuggle with Tommy...

... and he really is very good to her!

We have an added snuggle bonus for you today. Our neighbour cat, Basha, spends a good chunk of each day sleeping on a fleece blankie on an old tractor under the hangar. Each time #1 goes by on her walks with Tommy, she gives him a cuddle:

Wishing all a very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. Hello Tama-chan!
    so nice to see you keeping #1 company
    And that shot of you snuggling with Tommy just
    Makes mommy smile!!
    Happy Sunday to you and family!


  2. Snuggling is good. It has just started snowing here (wet yucky cold snow, not the crisp stuff we like), so it is definitely snuggle Sunday here too :) Even for the girlcats.

  3. Tama, you are a sweetheart. I am a little bit distant too, and mum thinks that makes it all the more lovely when I'm affectionate. Unlike Fui, who really is anybody's ;)

  4. Glad to see you have upped the snuggle quotient in your already snuggly family Tama-Chan. And we always like to see you all snuggling with Tommy. Very sweet. Ambrose is very snuggly too.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. Those were lovely snuggly pictures of you all - your neighbour cat has got lovely white paws.

  6. Hi there Tama-chan!

    Snuggles are love! Good to see you having a good weekend!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  7. So much snuggling going on!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - woo look khwite sheepish in one or two of the pikhs - I think the thought bubble would say "What will Khyra think of THIS one?"

  8. Isn't Basha so handsome!

    Phantom has always been a bit distant too, but since we lost Dakota, he has really started to look for a lot more human attention. You and he know just the right thing to do to help the humans.

    Happy Snuggly Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Tama, you are the queen! How sweet of you to take care of your #1. Lovely to see you!

  10. Tama, you are doing a good job loving on #1, and I think you are realizing that love goes in both directions and is Good!

    Super snuggle shots all round.

  11. Hi Tama-Chan! It's nice to snuggle. KonaKitty always snuggled with AngelCat Dusty, and after he passed she discovered that Mommy was a pretty good snuggler, too. Give everybody a chance, we bet you'll really love it!

  12. You're snuggling all over the place. I think it looks like you might be Tommy's favorite. . .

  13. I think it is okay to be distant. I am like that too--


  14. We thinks it called a bit word like independent. BOL We love the picture of you guys and Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  15. This won't be up on the blog for a few days, but thought #1 might like a preview.
    If I remember right, you are a draft horse person, right?

    Mango Momma

  16. We loved all those wonderful snuggling photos!

    Tommy - you are amazing - don't think Clive would be as wonderful with Tinkerbell!

    take care
    Murray's Mom

  17. I used to be a bit of a distant fellow back in my youth but now that I've matured and mellowed with age I have to admit I love more and more snuggles.

  18. Great snuggly photos! Have a great day!

  19. You might not snuggle a lot, but you sure do know the right time when they need a snuggle and come through for them huh?

    Aww..even the neighbor kitty is in the snuggles. :)

  20. See, even a non-snuggler can't reist that Tommy!

    Tama, I'm not much of a snuggler either, unless it's on my terms. My momma Ellie is the supersnuggler.

    xoxo Cory

  21. Tama-Chan you are ever so sweet spreading the love around!

  22. I'm glad to see you've raised your snuggling quotient, Tama-Chan, I think everyone around you needs it right now.

  23. Tama-chan, you are such a sweet girl and you just know when you're needed, don't you? We enjoyed seeing you in a group snuggle!

  24. Snuggling is special and helps broken hears ~ so yoor mommy needs extra right now, since little Yuu went to the Bridge. Purrs.

  25. hee hee, I do snuggle too, and glad you saw it on my blog, but I only snuggle with my mom, not with my siblings.
    You are are expert snugglers fur sure, even your neighbor cat!


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