Saturday, 16 October 2010

Savour It SEIturday!

You are perhaps wondering at my title today? It comes from the fact that this will be my last SEIturday post in a while as #1 is going to be away for three whole SEIturdays! This of course is on the assumption that she can actually leave the country in the midst of a growing strike movement and the shutting down of refineries, leading to fuel shortages.

I have to say that #1 does not need another element to think about at this stage. She is so totally all over the place already that she actually forgot to take her camera when she went to visit Vidock and family yesterday! Her camera is ALWAYS with her so this is major! I have to do some work on her!

In the evenings in bed, I position myself just so and then start sending quiet and relaxing vibes over to her...

When she's down in the living room, I position myself strategically and try to look as cute as possible:

And when she's at her desk, I hope that the view of my perfectly pink pawpads will make her smile...

Talking of desks, the new Mac book Pro has not even been touched in the past 24 hours. She says she MUST finish some work first, a piece about the Super Kamiokande Neutrino Observatory, whatever that could possibly be. Anyway, she did ask me to mention that the fancy new machine will be replacing a 7-year old PowerBook that is now beyond upgrading, and she is hoping that it in turn will last her many years.

So, Dear Friends, it remains for me to wish you all a perfect weekend. We are getting some sunshine today but are beginning to wonder whether we might need to turn on the central heating at some stage this weekend. This is the latest we have ever been without having any heat on!


  1. My dear... it is UNFAIR that I will NOT be getting my Seiterday...

    I lodge protest.

  2. Wow, Sei-Chan, it sounds like you have your work cut out ahead of you to keep #1 on track! I hope she makes it out of town, because after all that hard work sending out relaxing vibes, looking cute, flashing the paw pads, etc., you are going to need a vacation.

  3. We hope the strikes and stuff don't cause a problem for #1. You kitties have fun while she is away, and Tommy too!

    A new Powerbook Pro is such a treat! Enjoy it.

  4. Well, you know that here in the US of A we hear very curious tales of what actually goes on in France. I am relieved to hear that it is not full of nekked humans. Although I will note that it appears Mr. Floppy Ears is galavanting about nekked. Oh shameless one!


  5. We hope the strike action doesn't prove a problem for #1 and her travels. Wishing her a safe journey!

  6. Happy weekend Sei Chan and everyone else!

  7. Have a lovely weekend everyone - we hope the strike won't mean #1 won't be able to go Iowa on her mission to the WPC - hopefully it may be over by then.
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend - Luc Hannah & Lucy xx xx

  8. Furgot the khamera?


    Are woo sure it is REALLY #1 and not some imposter???

    Nice pikhs woo've left us fur a Seiturday!

    PeeEssWo: Hi Tommy - me thinks woo have The RH one all turned on by your nekkid manliness!

  9. Poor #1, she must be scattered if she forgot to take her camera on a visit to Vidock! We certainly hope the strike doesn't affect her travel plans. We had not heard about it, but of course unless we watch the BBC news we get very little international news here.

    Have a good weekend! It was so cold here last night that we actually had a fire in our fireplace! xoxo

  10. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and #1 has safe travels. :)

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  12. Oh those lovely toes make my weekend!

  13. Hey there #1...
    Just two things:....
    Wishing you a truly wonderful time with all the horses! A safe journey and come back to us quickly!
    Secondly, I want to say that the paintings you have commissioned from Kathleen Coy are looking truly magnificent!!! I know she is going to bring your loved ones to life!!!
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the "Max-terpiece"...I look at him daily and his eyes follow me everywhere...they evoke ALL the memories! She is truly a talented artist and I know you are going to experience the same surreal 'hiccup' when they eventually come home!
    Bon Voyage!!!

  14. We sure will miss our Seiturday posts. We hope #1 can make it all happen without too much unnecessary problems. Enjoy the weekend with the family.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Three whole Saturdays! I bet you are doing a real good job of making her feel guilty.
    Benny & Lily

  16. You are doing a great job monitoring your mom's activities.

  17. Oh Sei-Chan! It looks like you are great pal to #1!

  18. We want to wish #1 a safe journey. She's gonna miss you all.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  19. Sei-Chan you are such a cutie! We first found your bloggy when you were just a kitten. Pls as #1 to do a retro kitten spread of you & all.

    Love the good vibes on the bed. That must be very helpful to #1 & all the ppl that want to fly out of Paris!!

    Daisy Jiji & all the WCT's


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