Sunday, 24 October 2010

Satisfied on Sunday

#1 has now been gone for almost three days and, so far, we are satisfied with the reports she has been sending back. It seems that she has been occupying her time constructively on our behalf:

She is also pretty satisfied because she found an Amish farm with working Percherons and just walked up to the door to say hello. She was given the warmest of welcomes and got to meet the whole family as well as the four horses, two dapple greys and two blacks:

Showing off pictures of Vidock!

The grey pair going off to work:


  1. We love the photos! Glad your #1 is doing some shopping for you stateside.

  2. Mom thinks she recognizes Petsmart shelf labels there!!

    What a wonderful thing going to meet the Percherons at the Amish farm, as well as the people.

    Just by the way, I like Temptations but Party Mix is even better! So be sure to try some Party Mix for the Chans as well. I had to be drawn back home from the next door neighbors today, and shaking the Party Mix bag did the trick.

  3. Oh looks like #1 is doing just great. What lovely pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Has #1 ever let you try Greenies? We love those, even though Mom doesn't always get them for us.

    Lovely horses!

  5. Hi guys!

    Gosh, we LOVED these photos - ooh, we got very caught up in them and were busy pointing out things to FH that we'd like for Christmas, he he he!

    And we loved the photos of the Amish farm - what an amazing experience that #1 had!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  6. #1 looks like she's having a good time!

  7. How funny - like Simba, I too recognized those Petsmart shelves! I get a tiny bit overexcited when I see that many toys in one photo!

    Those horses are gorgeous!

  8. OMC! You guys are gonna get some loot! We think one of each toy per pet and double for treats!

    How nice for #1 to meet some new horses, and friendly folks. We bet they had a great time talking.

  9. I am glad she is coming back with some stuff for all of you too!

  10. Bet you all can't wait for her to get home with all those goodies. Yes, she must be in the land of the Amish in Iowa - how awesome that they had some Percherons.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. #1 is the coolest ambassadoress for Percherons for sure! We LOVE to see her in action and hope she'll be reporting back as regularly in the days to come too. We are mighty jealous about the possibility of SUCH great new toys for you. Tell her to get you some play cubes (those tent like cubes with holes), those are ever so cool. The only problem could be that customs will hold her back, not believing her load is for private use only. ; )
    Many kittykisses to #1 and to you!
    Siena & Chilli

  12. I'm glad #1 is having a good time. Glad you guys are doing good too.

    Wish Mom had thought to invite #1 to our house while she was over on our continent though. Silly Mom.


  13. Your #1 is a bit farther north than we are. But glad to hear that she is having a great time.

    The Amish people must have been excited to meet #1 huh? :)

  14. Oh no!

    My word is ANGER ;-)

    ANYWAY, I'm glad to see #1 is making sure to get woo some pressies and such even if it did mean a trip to wooknowwhere

    I do hope our floof made it to O HI O in time fur her to khatch it!

    Mom says it would be LOTS of fun to have #1 along on a transport!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Just imagine all the fun woo khould have with Harley!

  15. Tom, Tama-Chan,Sei-Cna and BibiChan.

    I'm so glad #1 is safe and doing impawtant things on youw behalf, heh..and it sounds like you have wondewful mindews meantime
    smoochie kisses

  16. #1 is out of control...BOL...that is hysterical but SO very intersting to meet the Amish family
    Benny & Lily

  17. It looks like #1 is making good use of her time while she's away. That's good to see. And she's finding time to meet new horsies, too. So far, looking like a successful trip all around.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  18. Hope #1 gets one of each flavour of Temptations for you, and toys for Tommy. We didn't see anything horsey though - #1 will find something. The Amish did get to see his picture though.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  19. Wow! Visiting the Armish would be so interesting!

    I hope #1 brings back some treats!


  20. What a great combination - horses and shopping for cat and dog treats!

  21. Wow!! We can't believe that your Mom is shopping for you in the states!!! Lucky kids!!...Did I not see though a large proportion of dog treats and toys there?? How many dogs are there in your house...just Tom, right? She should be looking at more cat treats!! Those horses are soo cool!! We like to look at horses, but they are really big so we keep our distance...haha! Yesterday Ellwood saw his first horses and he tried to bite them on the noses because he thought they were dogs!! Silly dog!! Percherons are such beautiful, big, handsome horses!! There is enough room on their back for all the Chans to sit/lay down..and Tommy, too!! haha!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  22. #1 must be in hog heaven with all those big horses to fawn over.


  23. JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How cool for #1 to see those gorgeous horses at work :)

  24. We'll have to hope #1 brings lots of bags of treats and toys home for you all to have fun with.
    We think she was enjoying her time with the Amish family and their horses - it looked like they were admiring her pictures of Vidock too

  25. Are there any kitties to keep your mum company where she is staying? There is nothing like the love of s cat, you know. We are sure she misses her precious cat family and dear woofie. And a certain handsome boy horse too!

  26. Wow! What good-lookin' horses! And they work for their daily feed-What will Vidock do when he grows up?

    Tommy and the -Chans, your #1 is finding some yummy treats and toys for you over here. She's a good one, isn't she?

  27. Looks like the travels are quite enjoyable. (And it looks like you've got your priorities right - in terms of shopping :-)

  28. #1 is in the states? Those are great pics, and we like the one of the treats the best!

  29. Wow we are so behind - we had no idea #1 was here in the US - we knew she was traveling but wow she is super close to us right now! And it is good to see she has her priorities set and is checking out all the fun stuff she can bring back for all of you!

    And that is so cool that she met that family and got to meet the horses too - that was so nice of them!

  30. Now you can rest easy knowing that #1 has been shopping at the right stores!

    How wonderful of that nice family to be so nice to #1 and show her the horses and let her take thost amazing photos! I bet they loved seeing pictures of Vidock.

  31. I can't take my eyes off all those treats! Did she buy all that stuff for you guys?


  32. she is having quite the trip it seems.


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