Monday, 11 October 2010

Manly Monday

: It was quite a weekend over here and we will tell you more about what transpired in a couple of days. In the meantime, thanks to our young friend Mr.G, who came over yesterday with his camera and excellent photo-taking skills, I have for you the manliest photo EVER of me! Are you ready?

Here is another, taken on Saturday, when we hitched a ride with some friends. Interesting box, don't you think?

And a rather more traditional offering of me in the big field:

And now over to THE BIBI who is in what is strangely called the Doghouse at the moment!

Bibi-Chan: I want to be innocent! I really, really DO! But it happened in front of her very eyes and there is just no way around it. You see, I was sitting on #1's desk with her this morning, purring up a storm and entertaining myself, and she didn't realise what was going on until it was too late, until.... her mouse stopped moving....

See on the left, the neatly severed cable? And the terrible thing is that this is the second mouse I have killed in ten days... She and Tommy had to pile into the car to go get a new emergency one, and she says she is ordering a wireless one.

In the meantime, do you think there will be no more of this for me?

Or this?

Will she chase me out of her bed?

Sob..... I'm a good boy, really! And I AM sorry!


  1. Oh Bibi. It's probably #1's fault for having those tasty wires around to tempt you anyway.

  2. Bibi, you are such a geek! You are supposed to kill real mice, not electronic ones!

  3. The picture of you snuggling with #1 is so great!

    We use a wireless mouse here. It works real good!

  4. Tommy, not only do you look real manly in that photo, you look positively adored. And that, my friend, is beautiful :)

    Bibi, with a face like that you'll be out of the dog house in no time ;)

  5. Bibi! Have you been taking lessons from Ambrose? We love your innocent expression which is very important in these sticky situations.

    Great photo of Tommy and #1 one! You both are beaming.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. Such nice manly photos, Tommy. Love the one of you with #1.

    Bibi, tell #1 you were just trying to convince her that a wireless mouse is the greatest. My Mom says she would never go back to having wires again with her iMac. It does use a fair quantity of AA batteries, but she feels it is so worth it. And she has a wireless keyboard as well! So no wires in the way of where I like to lie.

  7. Tom, those are amazing pictures!

    Bibi-chan, I think #1 will still cuddle you. Just remember that if you eat too many computer parts, you won't be able to blog.


  8. Oh Bibi-chan, I'm sure #1 will forgive you. You are way too sweet to be in the doghouse for long.

    Tommy, you manliness has been captured very well here!

  9. I think that last shot will do the trick!


  10. Your pictures are all very manly and we really loved the first really happy one of you being cuddled by #1.
    Bibi our mum has a cordless mouse and keyboard (we have to say purchased before we came to live here so we're not guilty there
    although someone who came before may have been!!)
    We're sure #1 will still let you sniggle in bed as long as you don't bite.

  11. Tommy, we love that manly photo of you with your #1!

    Bibi, we think a wireless mouse is the answer. Just make sure #1 keeps some extra batteries on hand for it.

  12. Sounds like it is time for a wireless mouse! :)

    Tommy, love the pic of you and #`1

  13. What GREAT Manly Tommy shots!

    Ah yes: KHATS!

    Maybe I should ask fur a pony instead - they might not snuggle as much but at least they would eat mice!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Going to be warm here today - it is almost 25 now - going to 28 or 9!

  14. We love that pic of you and your #1, Tommy!

    Um, Bibi-chan, Yuji is very similar to you, although we have a wireless mouse, he likes to chew on the computer AC cord... so everyone has to keep and eye on him, and unplug it every night - we don't want him to get electrocuted! Be careful!

    Purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  15. Tommy, you look super manly today!
    And aren't those wires toys?

  16. You are certainly good at killing mice there aren't you?!

  17. Bibi, I think your #1 just needed a wee boost to encourage her to move into the wireless age! You're a genius!

    And, no worries. She couldn't NOT pet you and hug you and play with you and sleep with you. ::grin::

  18. Bibi, we thinks it is a good thing #1 is getting a wireless mouse.

    Tommy love the photo of you in the field.

  19. Bibi, I would not worry - it's clear to me, and should be to your human, that you were just telling her, in no uncertain terms, that she needed a wireless mouse already!

  20. Bibi, we have wireless mice here for the EXACT same reason...and we think you will be soon forgiven. Who could resist your sad face?

    Tommy, the photo of you with #1 is simply FAB!

  21. Oh you little Tinker, you must be careful chewing wires is a dangerous plaything. I am sure you have been forgiven. Tommy your ouctures are lovely. Mum says she hopes the tests come back good. She has fingers crossed.. Hugs GJ x

  22. Bibi strikes again:) Mom has a wireless and loves it. She used to have one that she had to recharge on a stand but the connections never seemed to link correctly, so she got a battery-operated one and loves it. No more wires.

    Manly Tommy - awesome photos!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. Hey Tom, you are always looking good!! Bibi-dear, I have to say that I, me, Tiny, have never chewed a cable or wire in two, but my dear son Red (who is over the rainbow bridge) did it on several occasions and was each time very lucky that he didn't do himself some real damage especially when he chewed the CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTS cable in two!! He, too, was in the DAAAAAWG house. Oh well, serves your #1 right, she should have modernised a long time ago and gotten a wire-less mouse (haha! kind of like a Manx mouse!!) a long time ago so that you have never been tempted to go to the dark side and chew, chew, chew to your heart's content. But I have just one question....WHY do you chew? Well, good luck during those playless, loveless, cold (that is, not in the middle of the bed) days that you have to suffer through as payment for your chewing habit. Maybe there is some kind of 'patch' for that habit.... hmmm. Good luck, we're thinking of you!! Purrs, Tiny (Lautrec and the stinky dog)

  24. Hi Tommy that is a very manly photo of you - you were right! And we love the other ones too!

    And The Bibi - don't worry we don't think #1 will stop loving on you and playing with you over a mouse. We don't think anything could stop her from loving and snugggling and playing with you! But we do think a wireless mouse is a good idea (though our mom has one and the charging base cord, well, lets just say it may need to be replaced soon, or at least the cord for it will - so try not to play with the cord if the new one has it - we suggest a wire protector!)

  25. Bibi-Chan we know you didn't do it. Mom probably broke it. And Tommy are you melting in moms arms? Adorable
    Benny & Lily

  26. Yup dats da reason the mom uses wireless mice here - we used to like to chew them nommy cords too!!

    Fanks fer helpin Grayson out, yoo guys rock!


  27. Tommy, brillant photo!

    Bibi-Chan - tell your Mom - wireless is great! We don't know ourselves since we got one!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  28. Neither of us chews on wires, but I am sure you will always be loved.

  29. You are like me my friend... your mummy could NEVER resist your face and cuddles!!


  30. This is so obvious. It's a mouse! Duh!

    Tommy! Thanks for confirming that it is possible to be a total snuggle muffin and still maintain one's manliness.



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