Monday, 4 October 2010

Manly Monday - And Then There were Two

: Since there are just two of us left for Manly Monday now, we feel we must make an extra effort to be super manly. That of course is not a problem. I have a wonderful series of manly shots of me that have been taken over the past week.

First off, I had a fabulous romp in the Big Field when #1's friends were here. I hadn't been in it since early summer and there were so many wonderful smells!

I also got to visit a wonderful medieval garden. This is the pond where the monks raised the fish they ate:

And here I am showing our guests around the actual garden bit:

And, finally for today a great shot of me following my nose!

Bibi-Chan: It is a huge responsibility to be the only Mancat in the house and, actually, I am not sure I even qualify. I am 10 months old today!

I am a humble sort, you know...

But I like a good laugh now and then...

I am fierce as I lie in wait for bugs that are hiding in the lamp...

I like to play in boxes....

I am THE BIBI!!!!

Here is hoping you all have a great week.


  1. Bibi-chan, what do you mean you are only ten months old and not sure about manliness!? That's old enough to show the world you are a full of swagger. You are a young strong mancat, full of energy and life and all those things that make us different from girlcats. And you have an important responsibility in the house now - just make sure those girls don't boss you about! You are after all, The Bibi, Prince of Poupounette Towers.

  2. Go THE BIBI! And Tommy it's lovely to see you as always.

  3. Very manly post. Thanks for showing us around the medieval garden Tommy. Bibi-chan, you are such a cutie pie.

  4. You are both MORE than manly enough!

  5. Tommy, what a bit tongue you have!
    Bibi-chan, you, humble?! You must be kidding :-)
    Anyway, you are both very manly and cute.

  6. Tom, enjoy those fields now: apparently winter is going to be coming!

    Bibi, you are looking more and more mature there in your pictures. Your behavior may still be kittenish, but your appearance is all ManCat!

  7. Such manliness. #1 should have warned your readers. These photos could potentially cause major swooning in the female population!

  8. Oh Bibi...only 10 months old? Watch out world in 2 months when you are an official Mancat!!! Tommy, we just adore you!!!

  9. That was a very MANLY post today. Tommy we expect you showed your lady guests all round your visiting sites and we think they'd be very impressed with those flying ears.
    Bibi-Chan - what excellent moth catching skills you have - do you eat your prey or do you let your sisfurs fight over the trophy?
    luc Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Bibi, we adore yoo and yoo are definitely manly enuff.

    Tommy we love to see yoo enjoying life!

  11. Tommy & Bibi, we think you are both mega-manly! Tom, we love the photo of you following your nose. And Bibi, we think you are a mighty mancat at ten months old. You just need to keep all those girl cats in line. (good luck with that!)

  12. hey Tom and Bibi! those are some manly photos. we are struck by your handsomeness and manliness. Tom, your field romping looks like so much fun! we would love to have a good game of chase with you.


  13. That garden looks divine-and those squash-large enough to be lethal!

  14. Great Manly Monday post! BTW -- Ozabella didn't have her surgery today. It was postponed because she got her "girl" problem....whatever that means. But thank you for your post, we appreciated it!

  15. All THAT manliness fur a Monday!

    That has to be an omen fur a great week ahead!

    PeeEssWoo: OH TOMMY!!!

  16. YO BIBI-CHAN!! I think we should pair up as a couple of handsome young mancats and have a night on the town! Just us!


  17. Man enough for sure.. What beautiful pictures..Hugs GJ xx

  18. Woofies sure are exuberant, aren't they?! And and Miles (from Pierro and Miles' Happy Place) could be best buds--close to canmatness and full of mischief!

  19. Hi Tommmy and Bibi! These are great Manly Monday pictures! Tommy it sounds like you went to some very interesting places! And Bibi, well, we know this is a big responsibility for you now, but we think you are up for the challenge! It is hard to believe you are only 10 months old - you do seem more mature than that for sure!

  20. Looking good Tom! Bibi yoo is doin furry well even if yoo is almost a mancat.


  21. Pawesome Manly shots guys! Thanks for sharing!


  22. Bibi-Chan, we understand you are the only man-cat there now, but we sure see a lot of boy left in you:) You do like to have fun.

    Tommy - you look so extra handsome today - so many wonderful pics of you, especially the one with your guests.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. We giggled at THE BIBI...just like our The Baby! It's good to have plenty of Cattitude, we think.

    Tommy, guess what? we had a WOOFIE in the house today...we're gonna tell about it tomorrow.
    You are looking Super Manly, btw!

  24. Tommy, we enjoy seeing you romp in the fields!! And are growing into an excellent mancat!!

  25. Tommy you are king of the castle!
    Benny & Lily

  26. Tommy you are doing such a furry good job sharing your manliness. And, little one - those bugs in the lamps are just the BEST!

  27. You are THE BIBI cracked us up! And we just adore your Nose, Tommy!


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