Friday, 8 January 2010

Frootbats and Flying Ears!

Yuu-Chan: It has been quite some time since we had a proper Frootbat post, so we decided that today was it! We have several photos for your viewing pleasure, starting with one of me!

Followed by one of our lovely Tama-Chan:

Of course, Tama-Chan has also been into Frootbat creation, so here is one of her works, Mini-Frootbat Eifuku, aka Fuku-Chan:

and also Mini-Frootbat Ebisu, aka Bibi-Chan:

Ever since the snow fell, Tommy has been in seventh heaven. He keeps asking to go out and play despite the fact that he returns with paws so caked in snow that #1 has to bring out a bucket of warm water to de-ice his feet before he goes back in! Here he is in some excellent flying ears displays:

There was even an outstanding game of snow Frisbee!

In conclusion, we are sorry to tell you that El Tigre's proposed adoption fell through when the husband of the lady who was very interested refused point blank. We are following other leads and keeping paws crossed. He is a cute little thing and I have enjoyed playing with him when he has visited us. Here he is today:


  1. Wonderful frootbats and flying ears. I must say, Tama's photo is especially lovely.

  2. You all have such wonderful frootbat ears. And so cute!!! You make the Woman want an Abby (she had a mix once that was found and adores them even more than Siamese, so I am not thrilled with the idea of one adopting her)

  3. Fabulous ears today! The little one are getting so big. Could they please stay just like this a little longer? El Tigre so deserve a good home. Just look at his eyes, it seem that he already lost a tiny bit of his trust in this world. Is he still staying at your place or did he go back with Uncle U?
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli

  4. Khute OvFURload today!

    FLYING EARS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to see 'bout El Tigre BUT this means a more purrrrrfekht home is out there somewhere fur him!

    PeeEssWoo: Great pikhs Tommy!

  5. Excellent frootbattage! And Tom looks like he's having the time of his life! I loved the little video of him playing in the snow yesterday. :)

  6. Baby frootbats! That made my day :)

  7. Great pictures! We love baby footbats!

  8. Lovely Frootbats all around. Tama-chan's creations are amazing!

    Fly Tommy Fly!

    El Tigre will get his new home, we just know it!

    9 and Chani

  9. I love ALL the ears in this post!!!!

  10. Yay wonderful Frootbats and Flying Ears! We loved all the pictures!

    That is too bad about El Tigre not being adopted but hopefully he will have the perfect forever home soon! He is too cute to not find a good place!

  11. Everybody looks great and the kittens are so cute! You have a full house of wonderful kitties and one handsome woofie!

  12. What incwedibly bootiful eaws you all have
    The little baby ones gwowing into gweat booties!!!
    Tommy, I can see youw joy in youw flying eaws..i wish I could be thewe playing chasey wif you(although my eaws wouldn't be up to youw standawds I'm afwaid)

    I hope that little dawling gets adopted soon
    smoochie kisses

  13. I am loving Frootbat Fridays! Adorable! Nothing more joyful than a happy dog in the snow! I'm touched by all the bliss in your house.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  14. The frootbat ears are fab, but we have to say that Tommy's flying ears may be the very best.

    If we didn't live in CA and you didn't live in France, we would happily adopt El Tigre. He's wonderful and would be a welcome little brother to us. We will keep purring that he finds a good home.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Cute frootbat ears. We especially like Tommy's flying ears.

  16. Hi - wonderful photos! And Tommy - oh, how pleased we are to find out that other pups need the 'plunge pool' for their paws to get rid of the snow build-up! JD loves being fussed over so rather enjoys this - Max on the other hand acts as if he's about to be murdered and screams the place down! Especially loved the flying ears photos - we can sense the joy! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  17. What a good looking bunch of ears!

    El Tigre is such a cutie! I bet he's enjoying learning from you,

  18. Those are some terrific frootbat displays. We'll keep purraying for a furever home for El Tigre!

  19. Love the froot bats and flying ears.

  20. We're glad that El Tigre didn't go to that man. He sounds crazy.

    We keeping our paws crossed that all kittens go to the very best homes ever!!! They are the sweetest little frootbats!!

  21. We love the frootbats today! And make us want to love snow too!

  22. We wouldn't want gorjuss little El Tigre to be in any home where he wasn't loved by absolutely everyone ~ so it's for the best. He is so adorable the right home will come along ~ we're certain of that.

    Lovely photos today. Have the little ones had the story read to them yet?

  23. You must be the most beautiful family on the internet. We are sorry that it didn't work out with El Tigre's first potential home. We are sure you will find on soon!:)

  24. OMC the baby frootbats are ADORABLE!

  25. We love all those frootbat ears, especially the teeny ones. Tommy looks like he is really enjoying his snow, just like us. Hope you can find another good home for El Tigre.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


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