Monday, 27 September 2021

Manly Monday With Benny


Benny: #1 says I am a thug and a hooligan. This is probably because I broke yet another nice feeding bowl yesterday. She says I have broken more bowls since I have been here than all her other cats in their combined lifetimes. So, I now get the leftover plastic feeding station that she used for Trav... She says she'll try to find some slightly nicer plastic or metal bowls.

In other news, I continue to enjoy my time in the bathroom sink:

I'm also getting pretty good at catching sunpuddles:

And I love, love, LOVE my bro, Ollie!

Those last two photos were taken by Mr. G.


  1. Oh are a lovely little panther; just not as graceful!

  2. oh you have your own bowling event? you could be related with da nelly, he had a super bowl last weekend too ;O)

  3. It's not nice to break the dishes, Benny. You sure look like you enjoy your life. It must be cool to lay in the sink but just make sure you are out of there before #1 turns the water on.

  4. Dang, remember Benny, those broken bowls don't hold the food very well!

  5. Oh Benny, you have to be more careful. When we adopted all my MIL's cats she fed them in two big metal dishes but I wanted to give them their individual bowls. I found some good condition bowls at a jumble sale and they were unbreakable. I think they were Bakelite but I doubt it can be found now.

  6. Benny, that sink is porcelain, so please don't break it ! Purrs !

  7. Oh Benny! You’re just a typical boycat. :)

  8. If you are a hooligan, Benny, you are a cute one!

  9. Benny the hooligan... I like it! MOL!!
    Mum says you are a mighty cute hooligan.
    Maybe plastic bowls are the best for now ;)
    I love that you like to sleep i the sink. I have never tried that :)
    Purrs, Julie

  10. We've had a couple of 'sink' kitties here too, over the years past.
    Maybe you need a very heavy bowl so you can't knock it down.


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