Sunday, 4 October 2020

Snuggles on Sunday

 Tama-Chan: I was quietly napping on Ollie's bed in the living room when #1 woke me up to tell me it was almost Sunday again, and I had better get busy with my blog post. I had totally lost track of time...

I did some nice snuggling with #1, as I always do:

Can you see Genji in this one?

#1 didn't get any snuggle pics with Ollie, but here he is, giving Noelle a kiss:

And here is a really cute buddy pic of him and Fernant:

As you know, #1 loves snuggling with Hotesse:

And a friend took this one. You can see how it has gotten so much cooler all of a sudden.

Miss Heloise loves a good smooch too!

And we all know about the Big V!

For several reasons, it is harder for #1 to get to Violette for a good snuggle, so this one is from an earlier photo shoot:

We'll try to get a fresh one for next Sunday.

Lastly, #1 has a photo she would like to share with you. Last weekend, she stayed with a friend, Ms. D, who has a puppy called Flora. Flora is adorable and #1 did lots of snuggling with her!

We wish you all a quiet and snuggly Sunday with your loved ones.


  1. I am so envious of your snuggles! I miss them...

  2. I love that photo of you, Tama. It really shows off your beautiful eyes. Genji blends in well with #1. Lovely snuggles with the Vs and Hs. Lovely photos of Tommy with his friends too, and of little Flora.

  3. Every snuggle a winner! Horses give some of the nicest and also some of the riskiest snuggles due to the risk of being head butted, MOL. Yours all seem nice and safe and cosy though. Here we are in autumn and already I find myself wishing spring were here :)

  4. Lovely pictures ! Nice cat-mouflage, Genji ! Purrs

  5. Those are all great snuggle pictures today.

  6. We really enjoy seeing your happy snuggles!

  7. Such wonderful snuggles!!!
    I love when mum picks me up for snuggles. They feel SO good!
    Purrs, Julie

  8. When I visited with my mother on Friday, I took a snuggle photo of us two; I don't get a chance to see her often right now, plus she lives near to my office that I'm not commuting to. It was a good visit.

  9. Such wonderful snuggle pictures! It had to take a closer look to find Gen-Chan in the second pic hahaha :-)
    It got cold all of the sudden here as well. Stay warm and snuggled, and have a great new week!

  10. Terrific snuggle pics this week. We didn’t know Ollie had a girlfriend. ;)

  11. Lots of snuggles here too and our weather got cooler too.

  12. We are enjoying the cooler fall weather here too!

    Your snuggles are SO warm and well, snuggly!


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